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 N Trolleys: Lesney-TyPhoo


Lesney Products and Co. Ltd. (1947-1982) of England was famous for its "Matchbox" series of diecast toy product line. The company also produced a "Models of Yesteryear" series, which included a tram. It was a model of the classic Class E1 double-deck tram of London Transport, built from 1907 until 1922 and in use until the end of London's tram service in 1954. The diecast model was identified on the box as being made in 1:130 scale, but it has also been identified as 1:133, 1:128 or simply "Lesney scale," in any case slightly larger than the typical range of scales used with N-gauge track.

This diecast model gained a second life in 1985, when Cadbury Ty-Phoo Ltd. used it as a promotional item to commemorate the 80th anniversary of Ty-Phoo Tea (which had been widely advertised on the sides of real British trams back in their heyday), as well as the centenary of electric trams in Britain (Blackpool, 1885). This version was made in Hong Kong.

Industrious N-gauge tramway modelers have managed to power both versions of this model in order to have operating tram models. - R. D. Kerr


Lesney London Class E1 Tram Product:Y3 - "E" Class London Tramcar
Year Made:1956-1965
City/System:London Transport
Colors:Red with white roof
Vehicle No.:None
Writing:London Transport logo
Notes:News of the World and Lesley Toys ads; metal roof.

TY-PHOO 1905-1985 JUBILEE TRAM (1985)

Ty-Phoo Tea London Class E1 Tram Product:Original E1 London Tram
Year Made:1985
City/System:London Transport
Colors:Red with white roof
Vehicle No.:None
Notes:Ty-Phoo Tea ads; plastic roof.

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