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 N Trolleys: Western Railcraft


This is a visual summary of N-gauge trolley kits formerly produced by Bruce Smith's Western Railcraft in 1974-1975. At the time these kits offered the possibility to make the then highest quality models of American prototype trolleys, but they were craftsman-level kits that were not easy to build. They featured photo-etched brass sides and doors, plus ends which had to be hand-curved or assembled from multiple pieces. Included was an unshaped wood piece for the roof (the designer was careful to offer models of cars that had simple arched roofs). Other small pieces of wood and brass wire completed the kit. How to power the model was left up to the model builder. Western Railcraft also made similar railroad passenger car kits (600 series) and building kits (100 series), as well as kits in other scales. Due to their challenging nature, most Western Railcraft kits are probably still unbuilt today. - R. D. Kerr

father nature case
This is what the model builder faced upon opening a Western Railcraft kit box.

N-401 N-401 North Shore Express Car
Chicago North Shore and Milwaukee 215-239 series express (freight) car.

N-402 N-402 North Shore Coach
Chicago North Shore and Milwaukee 737-776 series steel coach.
box contents

N-403 N-403 North Shore Combine
Chicago North Shore and Milwaukee 250 series steel combine.

N-404 N-404 PE Express Car
Pacific Electric Railway 1451 series express (freight) trolley.
box contents

N-405 N-405 PE Locomotive
Pacific Electric Railway 1601 series steeplecab electric locomotive.

N-406 N-406 PE San Berdoo Car
Pacific Electric Railway 1200 series "San Berdoo" interurban.
box contents

N-407 N-407 PE Combine
Pacific Electric Railway 1370 series combine.

N-408 N-408 PE Long Beach Car
Pacific Electric Railway 1200 series "Long Beach" interurban.

MK-1100 MK-1100 Series Kits
These may be an earlier series of kits (packaged in long square boxes instead of long flat boxes). The series contained generically named trolley and passenger railroad model kits, including the following:
MK-1106 Interurban
MK-1107 Interurban Combine

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