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 N Trolleys: Kato,Greenmax

N-Gauge Trolleys - Page 3
Kato and Greenmax

By Garth Hamilton (in 2002-2008)
Edited by R. D. Kerr

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[These are early models, through 2008, of Japanese trolleys and trams in N-gauge produced or marketed by Kato and Greenmax. - RDK]


Same as 10-412 except red instead of orange 10-411 Eiden (Kirara) 2-car set (motor and trailer)
10-412 10-412 Eiden (Kirara) 2-car Set (motor and trailer)
14-070 14-070 "Hannover gruesst Hiroshima" 2-axle model of a trolley given to Hiroshima by its sister city Hannover after World War 2


46-1 GM 46-1 Kit with four static undecorated street car models (two each of Tokyo Toden 6000 and Toden 7000) and an oval of streetcar track in brick paved street, all in unpainted grey plastic. The trucks are plastic with plastic wheels, but they are really only suitable as static models. The track is N-scale (9 mm). Later reissued as item 2154.
601 GM-601 This is the economy kit version for a Hakone-Tozan Railway older type of car. It comes unpainted and requires the GM-593 power chassis and pantographs to complete.
1037T GM-1037T This is the pre-colored version of the 601 kit. It includes the GM593 power chassis, trailer chassis and pans.
GM-603 This is the economy kit version for a Keihan 500 type 2-car set. It comes unpainted and requires a GM-593 power chassis and pantographs to complete it. The model is shown here powered and decorated.
The bottom picture is a Type 260, which comes unassembled and undecorated. It requires a GM-592 power chassis.
Alternatively, you can order a 1054T and get a pre-painted kit with GM-593 power chassis and trailer chassis, but no type 260 car.
GM 1038T Pre-colored kit for an Enoden 1000 type 2-car set. I believe this one comes with the power unit and trailer chassis GM-593 to complete this model. Also in the box is an Enoden 600 type car, and it requires power chassis GM-592 to complete it. I believe the pantograph is included for the Enoden 1000 but not for the 600.
592 GM-592 Very nice running power chassis and much better than the earlier units with the vertical gear train on the end of the power truck.
593 GM-593 GM-593 power chassis with trailer. In addition to powering the Hakone-Tozan models from Greenmax, it is used by Tomix to power their Hakone-Tozan models. Very nice running unit.

Nn3 Trolley Models (N-scale on Z-gauge track)

1 car These are pictures of undecorated Greenmax 46-1 Japanese trolleys that run on narrow Cape Gauge track. They have been powered with Micro Trains F7 Z-scale power units and will operate on Z-gauge (6.5 mm) track. Eventually they will receive bow collectors. If I could get trolley poles, I would try them on the old time cars to the right. 2 cars

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