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(Originally New Orange, renamed Kenilworth in 1905, incorporated as a Borough in 1907)

The Water Tower in the Kenilworth Yards

Map of the railroad through Kenilworth, 1923.


Kenilworth/Union town line MP 2.74
Station: Doty
(later Union)
"Tin Kettle Hill Grade"
(Galloping Hill Golf Course)
~MP 2.43 -
~MP 1.87
Switch Connection: Rahway River Branch MP 2.04

Kenilworth Yards

MP 1.82 -
MP 1.70
Grade Crossing: Boulevard MP 1.69
Overpass: Garden State Parkway MP 1.37 -
MP 1.33
Switch Connection: Lehigh Valley Branch MP 1.19
Grade Crossing: Market Street MP 1.07
Grade Crossing: S. Michigan Ave. (flagstop) MP 0.89
Grade Crossing: Faitoute Ave. (flagstop) MP 0.85
Grade Crossing: W. Colfax Ave. MP 0.61
Roselle Park/Kenilworth town line MP 0.61
Rahway River Branch
(a.k.a. Can Branch, Monsanto Branch)
Switch Connection: Mainline MP 0
Grade Crossing: N. Michigan Ave. MP 0.09
Station: Warren Street MP ?
Grade Crossing: N. 22nd Street MP 0.20
Grade Crossing: N. 21st Street MP 0.25
Grade Crossing: N. 20th Street MP 0.30
Grade Crossing: N. 19th Street MP 0.35
Grade Crossing: N. 18th Street MP 0.40
Grade Crossing: N. 17th Street MP 0.45
Grade Crossing: N. 16th Street MP 0.50
Grade Crossing: N. 14th Street MP 0.60
Grade Crossing: Monroe Ave. MP 0.70
Grade Crossing: N. 12th Street MP 0.77
Grade Crossing: N. 10th Street MP 0.86
Grade Crossing: N. 8th Street MP 0.96
End of Track MP 1.042
Lehigh Valley Branch
Switch Connection: Mainline MP 0
Grade Crossing: Fairfield Ave. MP 0.11
Grade Crossing: W. Colfax Ave. MP 0.34
Roselle Park/Kenilworth town line MP 0.34


#15 working its way westbound along the Galloping Hill Golf Course, heading towards Route 29.
Collection of Jeff Jargosch.

#13 in Kenilworth. Collection of Jeff Jargosch.




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