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W. Colfax Ave.

Grade Crossing: W. Colfax Ave.

In a letter dated 1/31/1956, George A. Clark requests that all crossings over [West] Colfax Ave. on the Lehigh Valley Branch be protected by a flagman. The letter is addressed to Frank Froat, Robert Davis, and George Davis.

Collection of Patty Clark Gilbride

#17, on its way back from the Conrail interchange, heads north to Kenilworth along the Lehigh Valley Branch and is about to cross West Colfax Avenue. The stadium lights for the Roselle Park High School Football field can be seen in the top left. 7/1988.

Collection of Paul Carpenito

The Rahway Valley Railroad's Lehigh Valley Branch crossed W. Colfax Ave. (LVB MP 0.34), on the border of Kenilworth and Roselle Park, at grade (This should not be confused with the RVRR Mainline's crossing of W. Colfax Ave. (MP 0.61)  on its way to Aldene). This crossing was located near the Roselle Park High School. Former students recall seeing the RVRR drilling cars alongside the school's athletic fields. 

This was the typical RVRR grade crossing, a single track crossing a two lane road, no flashers, no gates, just the hand painted wooden crossbucks. An RVRR flagman would have protected the crossing. 

See what this location looks like today.

Looking north into the Borough of Kenilworth, with W. Colfax Ave. in the foreground. The other side of the road is Roselle Park, the roadway being the border between the two towns. Photo taken by Jeff Jargosch.

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