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Water Tower

Water Tower

For many years this water tower stood in Kenilworth to fill the thirsty tanks of the Rahway Valley's Steam Locomotives, and it proudly displayed the railroad's name for all who saw. This water tower seems to of appeared around the same time of the shop complex at Kenilworth, circa 1919. This leads to questions of where steamers were watered earlier. This tank was one of two on the line, the other being in Summit, but remained as the only tank on the line after the other was demolished after the end of passenger service. The Kenilworth Water Tank lasted until the end of the steam era, 1953. The tank was demolished not long after, having outlived its usefulness.

Wm. Wyer & Co.
Report on Rahway Valley Railroad
August 1944

There is also a water tank at Kenilworth, built of wood and supported on steel legs, with a capacity of 12,500 gallons, and an adjoining pump house also built of wood, 10'4"x12'4" and 8' high. Water is obtained from a deep well with an electric pump.

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