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W. Colfax Ave.

Grade Crossing: W. Colfax Ave.

Looking north into Kenilworth, W. Colfax Ave. in the foreground. Note the metal crossbuck, RV crossbucks typically were wooden.
Photo taken by Jeff Jargosch.

The Rahway Valley Railroad mainline crossed W. Colfax Ave. (MP 0.61) at grade on the border of Roselle Park and Kenilworth. This should not be confused with th e Lehigh Valley Branch's crossing of W. Colfax Ave. on its way to the Lehigh Valley Railroad interchange at Roselle Park (LVB MP 0.34). This crossing was the typical RV grade crossing: two crossbucks and protected by a flagman.

Looking south towards Aldene, we see NYO&W #116 crossing W. Colfax Ave. April 12, 1989. Photo taken by Carl Perelman.

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