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Faitoute Ave.

Grade Crossing: Faitoute Avenue


ex-NYO&W #116 has just crossed N. Michigan Ave. and is heading for the Faitoute Ave. grade crossing, seen just ahead of the locomotive. 1988. Photo taken by Jeff Jargosch.



The Rahway Valley Railroad crossed Faitoute Avenue (MP 0.85) in Kenilworth at grade. At one time Faitoute Avenue was the main thoroughfare between Aldene (a section of Roselle Park) and New Orange (later renamed Kenilworth in 1905). Later S. Michigan Ave. took that distinction after it was put through. Faitoute Ave. was severed with the construction of the Garden State Parkway and is now, more or less, a residential side street in two disconnected segments. The RV crossed the southern segment of Faitoute Ave., near the Michigan Ave. intersection.  


For a short period of time this crossing was a scheduled stop for passenger trains of the New Orange Four Junction Railroad. By 1903 the Faitoute Ave. stop was replaced by the flag stop at the N. Michigan Ave. grade crossing.

Wm. Wyer & Co.
Report on Rahway Valley Railroad
August 1944

Faitoute Ave., Kenilworth, N.J.

One track (main).

Dirt crossing - Dirt Road
Vehicular - Light
1 P.U. sign

A couple kids watch one of the RV 70-tonners from the Faitoute Avenue grade crossing.

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