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Freight Shed

Kenilworth Freight Shed

The Kenilworth Freight Shed.

This elevated view shows the entire Freight Shed in the foreground, as #15 steams by. 1949.
Photo taken by Raymond Scheurer, courtesy of Dr. Walter Boright.

This small wooden building served as a storage shed in the Rahway Valley's Kenilworth Yards to store freight. According to Jeff Jargosch, the freight shed was used to store goods that were damaged in transit, either before or after their coming to the Rahway Valley Railroad. The railroad would store the damaged goods here for resale to recooperate losses.

The freight shed can be seen on the left of this photo.

Harry Davis and Paul Albright load #15's pilot at the Kenilworth freight platform. Collection of Jeff Jargosch.

Collection of Dave Keller.

Collection of George Picyk.

Collection of Jeffrey J. Jargosch.

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