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Diesel Fuel Tank

Diesel Fuel Tank & Pump House

Frank Froat is in the pump house, fueling up #17. 10/30/1967. Photo taken by Walt Switz. Here we see the RVRR's diesel fuel tank and the adjacent pump house, used to fill up #16 and 17 with gallons and gallons of diesel fuel. 12/22/1971. Photo taken by Tom Piccirillo.

Wedged between the mainline and the side track, in the rear of the Kenilworth Yard , was located the Rahway Valley Railroad's diesel fuel tank and pump house. Constructed to facilitate the arrival of the diesel era, the tank and pump house were used for decade to pump gallon after gallon of fuel into the busy 70-tonners #16 and 17.

An RVRR 70-tonner rolls past the fuel tank and pump house in this view. The two-tone blue observation car on the right was being was being stored here as well as restored by JRCS. Collection of Jeff Jargosch.

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