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Kenilworth Yards

Kenilworth Yards
Headquarters of the Rahway Valley Railroad

#15 steaming in the yards at Kenilworth.  Tom Mangini stands on #15's tender. George Davis stands in front of the Kenilworth Station. Looking north.
Photo by Richard Fullerton. Collection of Jeffrey J. Jargosch.

#15 steaming in Kenilworth. Looking south.
Photo by Richard Fullerton. Collection of Jeffrey J. Jargosch.

The Kenilworth Station
Built in circa 1898 the Kenilworth Station, which was originally the New Orange Station, first served as a passenger station but later became the main offices of the Rahway Valley Railroad. The Station was sadly burned in 1974 and demolished in 1979.

The Passenger Coach Office
After the Kenilworth Station burned in 1974 a trailer served as the offices of the railroad for a time before being replaced in c.1975 by a former Lehigh Valley passenger coach which thereafter served as the Rahway Valley Railroad's Offices.

The Old Engine Shed
The Rahway Valley Railroad's old rickety wooden engine shed stood for many years in the days of steam. It housed the steamers and offered a place where light repair work could be done.

The New Engine Shed
The Rahway Valley Railroad, in anticipation of the diesels, built a new, modern, three stall cement block building in the early 1950s to house the lines locomotives.

Freight Shed

Water Tower

Coal Bin

Storage Sheds

Diesel Fuel Tank

Gas Pump


Kenilworth, A Pictorial History


Switchstand at Kenilworth.
Photo taken by Jeff Jargosch.

Kenilworth Yards over the Years

The Early Years: 1890's to the 1920's

Steam Days: 1930's to the 1950's

Diesel Days: 1960's to 1975

The Cahill Years: 1975 to 1986

Delaware Otsego: 1986 to 1992

The RV’s yards at Kenilworth were for many years the center of the railroad’s operation. As such, many, many photographs were taken here over the years. These photographs have been broken up into time periods and are presented here in several corresponding albums.


This view shows the Kenilworth Yards as they appeared in November, 1933. At some point the RV's headquarters were established here. John J. McCoy, in his Rahway Valley Railroad: Saga of a Shortline indicates that shops were originally constructed on the Rahway River Branch by the Rahway Valley Railroad in the early 1900's, a short distance from this location but they, however, were destroyed by a hurricane in the 1910's. The railroad later erected this two stall engine shed which is housing #13 and #11 in this photograph. Also seen is the water tank, a variety of outbuildings, and a boxcar on the one storage spur located here. The runaround, seen in early photographs, was removed. Collection of Jeff Jargosch.


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