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Canadian National Railways

Early diesels

3000 CN's one and only CLC/Fairbanks-Morse H24-66 Train Master. FM/CLC 7/1955 Canadian National
This powerful unit was ahead of its time. At 2400 hp it could out pull anything! First used in Winnipeg it was later used in Toronto (Hamilton) and Montreal commuter service (it was built with a steam generator) it was equipped 4/1964 for hump service in Toronto and 9/1964 Montreal as its best use was searched for. Renumbered to 2900 it was retired 2/1966.



Museums (Operating) and Tourist Railways

CNR only


8226 switching car ferry to/from Port Huron.
Sarnia. 6/30/1981

8226 this view includes a towboat Margaret Yorke. 6/30/1981.

Lots of power on the shop tracks! Sarnia 6/30/1981

1369 with a scenic background of mountains plus passenger train with scenic observation car.
Jasper, AB 6/12/1970 Thomas G. Acheson

8220 on Windsor shop track. View across the river of Detroit. 6/19/1975 R.Smalarz

4456 and 5292 sit on Spadina shop track during transition era.

8220 with bi-level auto carriers. International Harvester vehicles built in Chatham, ON.


Old diesels

GE 44-tonner
GE 70-tonner
GE 80-tonner
CLC-FM H12-44
CLC-FM H16-44
MLW Tempo
MLW C-424
MLW FA-1 FA-2 FB-2
GMD SW1200
GMD SW1200 r/b
Alco MLW S-2 S-4
MLW S-7 S-12
MLW S-13
shop locos


Newer units
Dash 2 era and beyond

MLW C-630M

MLW M-636

MLW M-420

GMD SD40-2

GMD GP38-2

GMD GP40-2





General Electric Units NEW
All models


Subsequent Owners


Modified intakes for use in snow plow service.

Great Slave Lake 4352

5334 repainted to promote EXPO 86 in Vancouver the next year. MacMillan Yard May 17, 1985

Covered wagons, road switchers and RDC's. Note the ONR A unit in background. Spadina 6/19/1976
Don Marson/Joseph Testagrose Collection

US Subsidiaries

NOTE: GTW summary scroll down.


Central Vermont


CV GT 1776 (ex GT 4450) in USA Bicentennial (1776 - 1976) paint scheme. EMD 21457 6/1956



CV 7919 second Alco on CNR part of a five unit order. Alco 69654 12/1941 White River Junction, Vermont 1942.
10/1967 became GTW 8094. Retired after 29 1/2 years in June 1971. Bud Laws Collection

CV 8027 (two unit order 8026-7) S-4 Alco 80466 5/1953 St.Albans 8/1967 Paul Mc Grane Collection

8080 one of two unit order (8080, 8081) Alco 81400 9/1955

CV 8080 a long ways from home!

CV 8081 White River Junction, VT 7/04/1968 Paul McGrane Collection

Bright new paint job! St.Albans, VT May 28, 1987

CV 8081 acq. July 1997 (ex K&L_Feed_1, Yantic, CT acq. Dec.1987)
Connecticut Eastern Railroad Museum, Willimantic, CT 6/25/2017

CV 8094 (S-2 Alco 69653 12/1941) switching Number 76 Ambassador with B&M 4227 F3A and 4266 F7B.
White River Junction, Vermont. 6/07/1965 Ted Houghton

Note: Equipment includes a reclining seat coach NY-Mtl. (looks like second car is a New Haven coach),
Headend car a CN mail & express car and a heavyweight dark green car behind the coach.
Only News Agent, no diner or sleeper equipment.

Ambassador was a day train operating between New York City (Grand Central) and Montreal (Central Station) 444 miles. No. 76 departed NY 8.20 a.m. EDT daily via NYNH&H to Springfield, Massachusetts, Boston & Maine to Windsor, Vermont, CV through White River Jct. (3:00 p.m. - 3:15 p.m.) via Bellows Falls to East Alburgh, New York and CNR to Montreal arrival 7:45 p.m.

CV 8162 S-4 Alco 79227 10/1951

SW1200 EMD 22827 4/1957 St.Albans 6/03/1978 Paul Mc Grane Collection
Two unit order CV 1509 and 1510.

CV 1511 (1/1963 ex GTW 1511) SW1200 EMD 25744 3/1960 St.Albans, Vt 10/11/1976 Paul Mc Grane Collection

Part of 9 unit order GTW 1511-1519.

New paint jobs for 1511 and 1509. St.Albans 3/6/1982 Paul Mc Grane Collection

Road Units


Note: 3600-3614 were built with lightweight trucks for DW&P.

All units transferred 1/1965 to CV. Returned 1968 to DW&P.
1977 10 units (3600-3605, 3609, 3611, 3612 and 3614 to CV.
3/1983 remaining 5 units to CV

Notes: 3604 sold 6/1988 to Genesee Valley Railway Leasing for
Genesee Valley Transportation Company (GVT Rail)
Brooks Yard, Rochester, NY Joseph Testagrose Collection

3608 chop nose DW&P 1979. Sold 3/1988 to Lamoille Valley 3608.
Wolcott, Vermont 8/1989 Paul McGrane Collection


CV 3602 and 4449 show old and new paint schemes. White River, VT 10/1958

CV 3604 RS-11 1800 hp Alco 81938 8/1956 Portland, Maine 10/1983 Paul Mc Grane Collection

CV 3605 sitting with two plows and a spreader in Portland, Maine. 5/9/1984

This shows a variation on the Model RS-11 design, also known as the Specification DL-701. The fuel tank has been turned transversly (90 degrees from the usual), as have the air tanks. Dynamic brakes were located in the short hood
(the vents are on the other side). The DW&P RS11's were also equipped with a lightweight version of the standard swing bolster truck, which eliminated the elliptical springs. This unique truck was originated by Canadian supplier DOFASCO.

CV 3611 RS-11 Alco 82028 9/1956 Palmer, MA 5/1979 Paul Mc Grane Collection

Quaboag Transfer 3611 part of a unique private operation from 1977 - 1988? of dedicated trains hauling trailers of Canadian lumber piggyback from St.Albans, VT 225 miles overnight to Bondsville, MA where they had a 100 acre
terminal to transload to trucks for delivery. Another unit CV 3606 was sold 1990 to Winchester & Western.

Note: Scroll down to GT 4446 for photo of units 4442-4450 originally lettered for Grand Trunk.
Transferred 7/1963 to CV also 4558, 4559.

CV 4449 White River Junction, Vermont. 10/08/1988 Andrew Koengsberg

CV 4550 GP9 EMD 22839 3/1957 New London, CT c.10/1972

CV 4556 sitting on a typically oil-soaked shop track at Detroit. 11/1966 Transferred 1/1965 from CVR to GTW.
Only GTW GP9's with dynamic braking. Paul McGrane collection

GT 4555 (ex CV 4555 1/1965) GP9 EMD 22844 2/1957 Chicago Paul McGrane collection
Note: See CV 4556 above and GT 4556 below.

GT 4556 in yet another paint scheme (see CV 4556 above) and GT 4543 both run through power from Sarnia.
Spadina 1974 Tom Farence

CV 4924 in new paint. Still long hood forward. St. Albans July 29, 1980 Doug Lilly

CV 4925 Palmer, MA 5/11/1979 Paul McGrane Collection

4926 short hood forward and chop nosed following a wreck circa 1983.

CV 4927

4928 White River Junction 6/1965

Note CV 4902-4906 (nee GT) CV 4923-4929 originally steam generator equipped. Removed and reclassed 11/1969.

CV 5809 part of 12 unit order 5800-5811 EMD 37938 12/1971
Note: Order took trade-in of 12 GTW F3A units.

Detroit, Toledo & Ironton; Detroit & Toledo Shore Line; Duluth, Winnipeg & Pacific; Grand Trunk

Note: Grand Trunk Corporation was formed September 15, 1971 to control all US subsidiaries.

DWP 5910 ex GTW 5910 EMD 35194 9/1969

Note: CV, DW&P and GTE scroll UP

GT 1000 (ex GTW 8082 rebuilt 10/1979 Battle Creek shop) CS9 Caterpillar 900 HP One of 4 units.
Pontiac, MI 11/24/1979 Dennis A. Smolinski

GT 1001 (ex GTW 8084 Alco S-4 81404 9/1955) rebuilt Battle Creek shop. CS9 Caterpillar 900 HP
Battle Creek, MI 5/25/1981

GTW 1503 SW1200 EMD 20416 6/1955
St.Albans, VT 8/21/1965

Note: 1500-1503 built with pre-Flexicoil trucks.

GT 1503 Later paint scheme but still the parent company.
Battle Creek, MI 5/05/1987

Subsequent owner: RSSX 1503


GT 1951 working the yard. Battle Creek, MI August 1979
Alco 82356 10/1957

Last of a two unit order, the last domestic RS-1's built, begun 3/1941.

GP9 65 mph except as noted.

GTW 4134-4139 (6) 83 mph
GTW 4427-4441 (15)
GTW 4539-4546 (8) 83 mph
GT 4442-4450 (9) * 7/1963 to CV
GT 4558, 4559 (2) * 7/1963 to CV
GTW 4900, 4901 (2)
GT 4902-4906 (5) * 7/1963 to CV
GTW 4907-4922 (16)
CV 4923-4929 (6)

GP9R 16-645c rebuilt 1989-1993
GTW 4600-4635 (36)

GTW 4626 (ex 4437 nee 1761) EMD 19675 8/1954. Durand, MI

GT 4138 typical long nose forward passenger unit. GP9 EMD 24968 11/1958
Bay City, MI May 06.1977.

GT(W) 4440 New name and black paint scheme for consolidated name for all of CN's US railroads.
EMD 19678 8/1954 Battle Creek, MI 5/09/1986

GT 4446 GP9 EMD 21453 6/1956 Transferred 7/1963 to CV

GT 4448 note missing DB blister! Compare to 4446 above. All part of 4442-4450 order.


GT 5925 EMD 36891 9/1970

GT 6402 leads DTI 6418

GT 6412 leads 6414

GTW 4432 looking spotless especially the engine room being serviced on shop track.
Durand, Fall 1959. Clayton Morgan/Doug Hately Collection.
Part of 15 unit order 4427-4441 ex 1751-1765 GP9 EMD 19670 8/1954

Covered wagons over the years.

9000:2nd with two other A units still used on GTW. (9000-9004 used on GTW 1968-1981)
Durand 6/1969 Paul Mc Grane

GTW 9008-9010 on the shop track. Detroit. 11/07/1959 Paul Mc Grane Collection

GTW 9010

GTW 9011 Detroit, MI 12/03/1966

GT 9012 9022 part of two orders F3A units. GTW 9006-9015 (10 units) and GTW 9016-9027 (12 units).
9012 EMD 5211 5/1948 and 9022 EMD 5221 9/1948.
Durand Union Station 3/1/1969

GTW 9012 (above) and GTW 9014 (below)


GTW 9020 one of 20 F3 A units. EMD 5219 9/1948 Detroit Paul Mc.Grane

Note: 9016-9027 built with F7 electrical = "F5A"
Also, stainless steel grills instead of chicken wire.

GTW 9024 CV 4553 (ex CV 1/1965) and another covered wagon.

GT 9026 GTW 4427


Here we see a variety of paint schemes worn by VIA Rail units. In the foreground 6777 and a B unit are both still in CN paint not yet repainted. 6516 on a track behind them is in VIA paint with CN logo from the interim 1976-78 paint prior to the creation of VIA Rail Canada on April 1, 1978. Prior to that date CN painted passenger units in VIA paint scheme but with their own initials. Behind is another MLW covered wagon this one in full VIA paint and lettering. 6777 went on to wear the VIA blue and yellow paint scheme and years later another for its role in hauling tourists in the USA. CVSR 6777 in July 2006. Ron Visockis



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