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Newfoundland Railway

942, 910 and 944 with even more units behind, all on the shop track at St.John's. 4/14/1969 Joseph Testagrose Coll'n

923 being loading on ship in Montreal harbour on its way from GMD in London to Newfoundland.
Part of the first order of 26 NF-210 C-C 1200 hp 60 mph units 909-934. Joseph Testagrose Collection

Canada-only model 47 units (9 NF-110 and 38 NF-210) built only for Newfoundland..

923 at work with two other units in passenger service. Joseph Testagrose Collection

916 sits among other units including 936 and 939 on the shop tracks St.John's. 8/29/1964 Joseph Testagrose Coll'n

916 and 932 meet at Bishops Falls 1976 Jim Armstrong/Joseph Testagrose Collection

CN 900 part of 3 unit order. NF-110 GMD A303 12/1952 Port aux Basques 1/08/1961 Don Driscoll

CN 931 and another GMD NF210 July 1958 Bud Laws Collection

Latest style paint scheme.

G-8 A-1-A 875 hp 88-ton

803 and 804 in Bonavista. 1976 Jim Armstrong/Joseph Testagrose Collection

805 and 800 (last and first G-8) with the Carbonear Mixed Clarke's Beach
August 7, 1982 John P. Carter

800-805 Carbonear Mixed, north of Brigus Junction (above and below) August 5, 1982 John P. Carter

For some years after the main passenger service was discontinued (July 2-3,1969) mixed trains continued to operate on three branch lines; Carbonear, Bonavista and Argentia. One-by-one they stopped running; the Carbonear Mixed ran for about another year and the Argentia made its last run on September 19, 1984. The last mixed service ran between Bishops Falls and Corner Brook and its last scheduled run was on September 30, 1988, train 203 operating as Extra 917 West. At the end of that day the employee timetable expired and with it all operating authority. This was on a weekend and to accommodate cottagers along an isolated stretch wanting to get their belongings out at the end of summer, a semi-official very last train ran on October 2, 1988, after which only work trains dismantling the line were left beginning October 12th. when a ceremonial first spike was removed at Gaff Topsails.


Gallery of the last years of steam


Rolling Stock

Subsequent owners

F.C. Antofagasta y Bolivia Railway

Acquired 11 NF-210 GMD 3'6" gauge Newfoundland diesels. Units regauged to metre gauge.
Note: May 1992 first unit in operation 1418. Upgrade with Q-Tron 1994 prototype 1419.

FCAB 1421 ex CN 916 in desolate scenery of northern Chile. 9/21/1999

914 with train of nitrate in Atacama Desert in Chile. 10/20/1995

FCAB 914 (behind electric loco) in yard. 10/20/1995

Phosphate loads.


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