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Canadian National Railways

GMD GP9 1750 hp Road Switcher

CN 349 GTW 57 CV 28 total 434 units

GR-17a 1724-1734 1:st. and 1735-1750 renumbered 4400-4426 Weight 124 tons

1728 GMD A647 2/1955 Renumbered 4404 Note the original barrel style headlights.
Is that a Morris Minor?

GR-17f 2000-2023 1:st Renumbered 4451-4474

2002 GMD A807 8/1955 Renumbered 4453

4100-4133 4147-4156 built with 89 mph passenger gearing. 118 tons
4108-4133 4147-4156 regeared 65 mph.
Built with Flexicoil trucks. Converted to Blomberg.

4129 as built with Flexicoil trucks. Later converted to standard Blomberg trucks. Nose mounted bell.
Trailing unit 4153 in new paint scheme with steam generator car behind.
The old and the new paint schemes here at Spadina. 8175 MLW S-4 in old colours in background.
Note steam locomotive tender mounted on flat car for work service also in background.

GR-17n 4100 GMD A1262 7/1957

GR-17y 4149 GMD A1767 8/1959

4206-4353 built with Flexicoil trucks.

4293 GMD A1356 3/1958

4400-4426 and 4451-4538 and 4560-4601

4465 with RS-18 3697 trailing is westbound on the Oakville Sub. and is about to cross the diamond over the CPR (TG&B) Wharf Lead at Cabin E. Note the John Inglis plant on Strachan Avenue next to CPR Parkdale Yard dating from 1881. For decades it produced Inglis washing machines that were in countless homes. Boilers and other heavy machinery was made here.
During both World Wars it turned to military requirements including shells and production of the famous Bren machine guns. This is all long gone replaced by new housing and high rises known as Liberty Village. So too the CPR yard behind. Only two main tracks of the former Galt Sub. now owned by GO remain as evidence of the presence of a railway.

4494 and 4495 are brand new! Delivered by GMD to CNR July 9, 1956. Seen here with a Northern heading east from Mimico Yard on the freight-only High Line bypassing Spadina coach yard and Union Station. 8147 MLW S-4 76486 9/49.

Check out the employee automobiles. Looks like a 1953 Studebaker 4 door sedan, 1950 Ford Tudor with sunvisor,
looks like a British car, possibly a 1953 Ford Prefect and maybe a Plymouth?

Don't let this photograph fool you. All CNR older diesels were long hood forward.
4495 GP9 GMD A853 7/1956 Sherbrooke, QC August 1964

4501 built with Flexicoil trucks GMD A1014 11/1956

Note: 4495-4501 built with Flexicoils, renumbered 4200-4205 9-10/1957.
Modified 11/1962-7/1963) with Blomberg trucks renumbered back to 4495-4501

4512 GMD A987 11/1956

Extra 4420 at Spadina. Compare the early style headlight with twin sealed beam on trailing unit 4473.

Extra 4503 GMD A978 11/1956

GR-17h 4510 in the latest paint scheme as used on newer units. See going away view below with 4522.

4511 and 4518 modified with intake shields for snow plow service.

4530 in newer scheme although the paint seems not be to holding up.

Extra 4532 with RS-18 3704 trailing.

4537 trails GP38-2 5524.

Plenty of detail in this scene of the sanding facility on the shop track Hose at far left is for fuel oil.

Good comparison between a clean unit and a filthy one! Note the crossing signal box.

Note the talkback speaker a common feature in major yards. Push button on pole signals tower.

4588 (4588-4601) with Flexicoil trucks for lightweight. Re# 1957 4206 (4206-4227)
Note: 192 out of 349 GP9's (not counting 57 GTW and 28 CV) built with Flexicoil trucks.
All renumbered into new number series. Many re-equiped with Blomberg.

Note talkback speaker near front of unit. Also, old style floodlight tower at far right.



GP9 rebuilds 4100-4143 2nd series

4100:2nd. ex 4257 GMD A1523 4/1958 rebuilt 4/1984

4102 ex 4244 GMD A1357 3/1958 rebuilt 5/1984

4110 ex 4132 GMD A1294 10/1957 rebuilt 10/1984.

4122 ex 4454 GMD A808 9/1955 rebuilt 10/1989

4131 ex 4608:2nd. nee NAR 207 1/1981 GMD A1538 rebuilt 2/1991

4136 ex 4581 GMD A1317 12/1957 rebuilt 3/1991

4392 ex 4152 renumbered 6/1984 regeared 65 mph. Rebuilt PSC 10/1990 renumbered 7264 GMD A1770 9/1959
Calgary 9/28/1994

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