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Canadian National Railways

GMD-1 1200 hp A-1-A and B-B

Unique Canada-only model of light roadswitchers designed specifically for use on light CNR branchlines.
78 units (1000-1077) had A-1-A trucks. 18 units (1900-1917) were built with normal B-B wheel arrangement,
originally geared for 89 mph and equipped with steam generators these units were later
re-geared to 65 mph for freight service.

1000 A-1-A trucks and equipped with mountain lights. GMD A1420 8/1958 Deerholme, VI 5/31/1965 Peter Cox

Port Mann BC September 14, 1980 Claude Prutton/Mark Forseillie Collection

1002 passing Toronto Municipal Abattoir at foot of Niagara Street eastbound towards Bathurst Street in Toronto.

1003 GMD A1423 10/1958 part of first order for 29 units 1000-1028.

1020 GMD A1439 10/1958

1026 leads another unit in then new CN paint scheme over a 3 track level crossing in South Edmonton. 5/1967

1039 GMD A1701 2/1959 at Calder, the main yard for Edmonton. June 1967

1046 (part of 16 unit order 1034-1049) at Calder, the main yard for Edmonton. June 1967

Note: Calder was founded by GTP on former Hudson Bay Company land. The village joined Edmonton in 1917.

1056 GMD A1753 11/1959

1070 part of last order (1068-1077) GMD A1885 4/1960 Bud Laws Collection

Northern Alberta units acquired by CN

1080 ex NAR 303 still in NAR colours minus lettering but still with name Bishop Grouard.
Edmonton 6/23/1982

Rebuild program 1/1990 renumbered 1180.

Rebuild program 1983-1990 46 units with Flexicoil B-B trucks off retired GP9 units,
fuel tank enlarged to 2000 gallons, weight 248,000 lbs. t.e. 40%

1153 (ex 1053 2/1987) GMD A1750 10/1959 Brandon, MB August 1992 Jim Booth

1900-1917 passenger units equipped with steam generator and 89 mph gearing.

1913 and 1904 with Hamilton commuter train arriving in Toronto one of two trains just one year away from discontinuance.
This is likely No.920 with 12 coaches. No. 922 was a single unit and three coaches.

Only one train operated on Saturday. Last public time table effective April 30, 1967.

Effective May 23, 1967 GO Transit would begin train operations between Oakville and Toronto.
It would be some years later before GO buses connected Hamilton with Toronto and many more years before GO trains did.

Fresh out of Pointe St. Charles main shop which included removal of steam generator. 10/13/1992

1902 looking more like a steam engine! Winnipeg winters required use of steam generator equipped GMD-1's
to switch passenger equipment around Winnipeg station and yard keeping cars warm.

1905 view from rear shows steam generator stack behind cab. Spadina 4/10/1971
G.H.Landau/Joseph Testagrose Collection

1911 GMD1 GMD A1585 12/1959 Hamilton 9/27/1964

1914 two views


1910 Moncton, July 22,1994

Subsequent owner, DESX 1910 leased to Glencore Canada in Falconbridge along with 1127.

1911-1904-1907 proof there is a working steam generator!
Niagara Falls 4/18/1967 Jack Swanberg/Joseph Testagrose Collection

1911-1913 showing detail of front end. Spadina 4/10/1971
G.H.Landau/Joseph Testagrose Collection

1912_1910 GMD A1586 12/1958, A1584 12/1958 London 4/1968

1915 equipped with B-B trucks. GMD A1589 1/1959 Thunder Bay 2/21/1994

Rebuild program. 1600-1614 A-1-A GMD 12-645C 26L 120 tons 30% t.e. short hood leading

1611-1610-1604 working on a branchline in Tilney, SK. 7/15/1993 J.S.Kozma/Joseph Testagrose Collection


1400-1423 (24 units) Remanufactured 1989 PSC 12-645C 1200 HP 124 tons

1412 (ex 1042) GMD A1705 2/1959

1422 switching Burrard Inlet yard in downtown Vancouver. Sun. May 13, 2001 Bill Sanderson

Ex 1076 GMD 4/1960 r/b 6/1989

Subsequent owner, Porlier Express Inc. MP-100
Pointe Noire at Arnaud connection. 8/13/2012

1430-1444 (15) ex 1600-1614 1998-2000

1431 (ex 1601 nee 1025) short hood forward. Brockville 1/2001 Jack McNeil/Joseph Testagrose Collection


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