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Canadian National Railways

GMD FP9A (6500-6542 43 units 6600-6637 38 units F9B) 1750 hp 89 mph S.G.

6508 with two B units at Port Mann, BC 4/10/1976
Note early mountain territory portable ditch lights.

A long history still evolving for 6508.including two failed tourist train operations, one in Quebec
(TTSL Les Trains Touristque du Saint-Laurent) and one in Ontario, (WSJR Waterloo - St.Jacobs).
It is now in regular freight service on Ontario Southland as their 6508.

The train set and a second A unit 6520 served on both tourist trains and most is now in Squamish, BC
at WCRA's West Coast Railway Heritage Park where 6520 was recently restored in this paint scheme.

6515 at fuel stand in Melville, SK. July 19, 1978

6519 FP9A (GMD A1049 2/1957) and 6866 (MLW FPB-4 82444 12/1958)
Mixing of GM and Alco power was a common practice at Spadina.

FP9A 6539 (GMD A1399 7/1958) shows off its brand new paint job just out of the shop in Montreal April 12, 1965
Roger Lalonde

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