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Canadian National Railways


187 units

Brand new 1583 in Bathurst Street yard with 0-8-0 8384 switching behind. In background is Bathurst Street bridge with Loblaws warehouse at corner of Lake Shore Blvd. W, Tip Top Tailors on south side of Lake Shore Blvd, Molson's Brewery on north side of Fleet Street in CPR's Fez City. GR-12d 1575-1592 (18 units) renumbered 1204-1221. GMD A753 4/1956 Renumbered 1212 (see below).

Two views of three brand new units 1582-1585-1583 at Bathurst Street Yard.

Alco yard diesel partially hidden behind 1582. TTC PCC streetcar on Bathurst Street bridge. Loblaws warehouse in middle background. Second Loblaws building is their Green Grocer building on south side of Lake Shore Blvd.W.


GR-12d 1207 ex 1578 (1204-1221 18 units ex 1575-1592) GMD A748 3/1956

Extra 1212 may well be an auxiliary train judging by the OCS flat next to the engine. Note the row of oil handlamps on the rear deck. They were required to be lit at night so had to be outside the cab to avoid fumes. Previously these oil lamps were carried inside the cab however, a reinterpretation of the rule requiring them to be ready for use meant they had to be lit. Usually one red and one white were normal practice.

Extra 1235 (1227-1247 21 units) GMD A562 7/1956

Jim Parker Collection

Bathurst Street (1248-1268 21 units) GMD A1039 3/1957

GR-12r 1322 (1305-1337 33 units) Bathurst Street GMD A1559 9/1958

1205 GR-12d 1205 ex 1576 (1204-1221 18 units ex 1575-1592) GMD A746 3/1956

London October 1982 Jim Booth

GR-12f 1239 (1227-1247 21 units) GMD A866 7/1956

GR-12h 1257 (1248-1268 21 units) GMD A1029 12/1956

GR-12u 1355 (1338-1357 33 units) GMD A1805 7/1959

Short-lived modified paint scheme actually looks pretty good.

SW1200RSM rebuild program 7300-7317 PSC 6-11/1987



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