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Old Time Trains

Canadian National Railways

CLC FM Cdn.Westinghouse H16-44 2200-2217 (ex 1841-1858 18 units) 1600 HP

1844 and 1847 in short-lived original number series. CLC 2865, 2868 3, 4/1955
Note the dwarf switch stand lined for diverging route as indicated by yellow board and lens of oil lamp. Such colour was normal for all yard switches red being used only for tracks leading to a main line track and the main line track switch itself.

2217 leads a string of diesel units under the catenary in Montreal. 6/23/1962 Joseph Testagrose collection.

2202 Note the car knocker's journal oil can.

CLC #2867 4/1955

2205 opposite angle.

2210 Digital restoration: Gordon Kennedy


2217 last unit CLC 2879 5/1955 Digital restoration: Gordon Kennedy



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