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WESTERN NEW YORK RAILWAY HISTORICAL SOCIETY ARCHIVE COLLECTIONS - As we continue to expand our archive collections and library, we now have over 6,000 square feet devoted to storing all the artifacts, books and photographs in our collection. The Buffalo Irish Genealogy Society, "BIGS" has made public an index of over 4,500 employees that they have compiled from the archives of the WNYRHS. Click the link below to view the index and see if you can find any relatives.

New York Central Employee Records - Click to view Database 

If you would like a detailed report about an employee that appears in the database, BIGS will be glad to do the research for you by using their request form here: Railroad Employee Card & Records Order Form.

Information on New York Central Railroad employee cards may include the following:
  • Name (some with variants)
  • Birth & Death dates, if known
  • Places of Birth 7 Death, if known
  • Social Security numbers
  • School attended
  • Residence
  • Railroad Location worked
  • Railroad Occupation
  • Railroad employment beginning and end dates
  • Leave of Absences
  • Military Leaves
  • Notes may list changes or discrepancies of dates and/or names or other various personal information.

Our Research Library

BIGS is now working on records from the Erie Railroad. They have entered over 30,000 railroad employees into our database and are working on adding another 20,000. We have erected more shelving in the library and now have maxed out our space. We had to take half the space from our conference room to house all our new collections. We would like to thank Fillmore District Councilman David Franczyk for a $3,000 grant to purchase additional computers, large screen monitors and supplies for the library. Thanks to Ed Patton for spearheading and securing the grant. The library holds the collections of the Western New York Railway Historical Society, The Steel Plant Museum of Western New York, and The Buffalo Irish Genealogical Society. The public is welcome to come and request the use of our very large collection on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Click here for an in depth description of  Our Research Library  written by BIGS and WNYRHS member, Ed Patton.

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