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Track Checking Tool & Manual Uncoupling Tool

The rocket looking tool is my very sensative track checking tool. It is a set of trucks minus the coupler with a wall screw mount (what ever it is called) mounted on it and works extremely well finding defects not easily noticed. Used with a NMRA Standards Gauge problems are quickly found. Using a boxcar to test with, has no where near the sensitivity.

The pointed round toothpick , although not home made, makes an excellent manual uncoupling tool. One box of toothpicks is cheap and you get a whole lot of uncoupling tools.

Track Tester and Uncoupling Tool

Manual Uncoupling Tool

I took the toothpick and cut one end flat (for safety while the tool is in it's storrage spot). I then drilled a vertical hole 1 size bigger than the toothpick and with the depth adjusted to keep the top of the tool 1/2 inch above the layout.

Toothpick on Layout

I have 4 uncoupling tools along the front of the layout where the uncoupling need is most. The top of the toothpick is painted flat brown to blend in, a bit.

 s1 Uncoupling tool s3 Uncoupling tool in storrage.

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Coupler & Trip Pin Gauges and Weight Gauge board

 I got this idea from the Monon 1971 Video of Dec. 24, 2011 HO Version on U Tube and I made this N Scale version. It is shown on my work bench. It makes life a lot easier.

Coupler and weight gauge

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Rolling stock work cradle

 This is simple to make, but make sure to NOT use the crumbly type foam. I purposely left room on the left side to cut in a parts pocket.

 The left picture shows the basic start. To the right is my finished (at least of what I can think of for now) Work Pad, Cradle, small parts holder and NMRA Gauge.

El Cheapo work cradle Work Pad Completed.

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My new track cleaning and vacuuming car is here and in service.

TOMIX Track Cleaner












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1> I am learning how to use my new TOMIX Track Cleaning Car (That's not the easiest thing to do when the instructions are mostly in Chinese). A little thought and figuring out the pictures with the help of a half sheet of instructions in English.

2> I am in the thinking stage of designing and building a very small Grain handling Facility to go in at the end of the Foss Lumber track for loading outbound covered hoppers with locally grown grain.

3> I'M Thinking... Toughest Project of all time...

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