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Operation is my primary interest on the Shady Valley Branch of the Pennsylvania Railroad.

CHANGES: The year of my layout operation (was) 1967. I am updating the date 3 years to mid 1970 to the Penn Central era for several reasons! Todays model manufacturers seem to think that us old guys aren't important anymore and the older equipment is harder to come by today. By upgrading just 3 years, I have a little more flexibility, as now I have the Pennsylvania, New York Central and New Haven equipment to select from. Take the Bowser N5 Caboose, for example, I have no intention of paying the rediculous price the scammers want for them on ebay! Bowser doesn't even have them in stock!!!

As an old timer, I find the new unit trains very boring to see. Give me an old time mixed freight any time. How many times has F.R.E.D. (Flashing Rear End Device) waved at you, shouted to you or even thrown an occasional candy bar to you? You never knew what to expect for head end power back in those days. Modern engines may have a lot of power, but they do not impress me any. No more friendly crossing guard to visit when he wasn't busy. Why are so many people out of work today? The big companies put them out of work by replacing working people with machines. END of CHANGES:

An Operating Session represents 1 day of Model Operation. (NOTE: there can be as many sessions (operating days) as you have time for in a real day.

Between Sessions, the trains need to be set up for the next session. All sessions are computer generated and control all of the car movements. One at a time each train is brought out from the hidden staging yard, to the Shady Valley Yard where there is easy access to the train. The cars for Riverside and other points South are stored in a padded drawer next to the control panel, as there is no room to store the cars behind Strawberry Hills. The cars for Shady Valley are put on its train and and then backed into Riverside Yard ready to go for the next session. The procedure is done for both trains between every session.

Both trains originate at Riverside where the main yard and engine facility is located. The trains make their run to Shady Valley and do their work North on the branch to Shady Valley and then return to Riverside, running on their schedule. I use road switchers because the engines run around at Shady Valley and "back" to Riverside, as there are no turning facilities at the end of the branch line.

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A Typical Day's Operation on the PRR Shady Valley Branch

NOTE: The Shady Valley Branch DOES run a caboose on it's freight, however the branch caboose is in the shop undergoing repairs and that is why it doesn't appear at this time.

Before the days operation begins, The trains in the Riverside Staging Yard need to have the cars from the last session taken apart and the cars for todays operation need to be assembled. The removable part of Strawberry Hills is taken away for this demonstration, so you can observe what goes on in the hidden staging yard.

This picture shows the trains at the end of the previous days operation at Riverside.

End of day at Riverside.

This picture shows the trains at the end of the previous days operation at the Shady Valley Yard.

end of day SV

This picture shows the trains at the end of the previous days operation at Shady Valley Freight House.

end of day freight house.

This picture shows the trains at the end of the previous days operation at Shady Valley Gary's Fuel Oil Co.

End of day at Gary's Fuel

Preperation for next session.

Turning Passenger Train: Old Train # 02 / New Train # 01

passenger old passenger new

Turning Freight Train: Old Train # 12 / New Train # 11

freight old freight new

Riverside Yard Car Storrage Drawer

riverside storrage

Trains are Turned and ready for the next session.

ready for next session

Train Timepoints at Shady Valley

I only use one time point because it is the only time point needed for operating the branch.

Train # 01 Arrival - 7:15 AM

Train # 11 Arrival - 9:40 AM

Train # 12 Departure - 4:30 PM

Train # 02 Departure - 6:00 PM


# 01 Arrives in Shady Valley and does it's switching.

1 Arrival at the Shady Valley Station. 2 Couple up to the outgoing REA car. 3 Pull out the REA car. 4 Run around the REA car. 5 Recouple to the other end of the REA car. 6 Pull REA car to the South end of the Station Track. 7 Couple up to the train and ready for departure.

Pas 1 Pas 2 Pas 3 Pas 4 Pas 5 Pas 6 Pas 7


# 11 Arrives in Shady Valley and does it's switching.

1 Arrival on Shady Valley main track. 2 Pull engine off of the train. 3 Run around the train. 4 Set box car for the Freight House on the escape track. 5 Spot the 2 cars for the House Track. 6 Couple to the car for the Freight House, on the escape track. 7 Spot Freight House car. 8 Lunch Break!

Frt 1 Frt 2 Frt 3 Frt 4 Frt 5 Frt 6 Frt 7 Frt 8


# 12 does it's switching and Departs Shady Valley.

1 Pick up empty tank from Gary's Fuel Co. 2 Uncouple for a run around move. 3 Run around and couple up to shove into the SV Yard. 4 Couple up to the empty cars, in the yard, for the southbound. 5 Uncouple from the cars that will stay in the yard. 6 Pull cars, for the southbound, to be put on the Main Track. 7 Uncouple the empty tank car to be put back into the SV Yard. 8 Leave empty tank car in the SV Yard. 9 Couple to the cars on the House Track to put the UP box car into the southbound train. 10 Put UP box into the train. 11 Southbound train ready on Main Track. 12 Put cars back in place on the House Track. 13 Spot Freight House car back at door. 14 Couple to train waiting on the Main Track. 15 Depart Southbound.

Frt S 1 Frt S 2 Frt S 3 Frt S 4 Frt S 5 Frt S 6 Frt S 7 Frt S 8 Pas s 1 Pas S 2 Pas S 3 Pas S 4 Pas S 5 Pas S 6 Pas S 7



# 02 Departs Shady Valley.

1 Departing Shady Valley.

  Pas S 9

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Brass Hat... B.J.W.

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