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As I have been away from the Model Railroad Hobby for quite a while, I am in the start over from scratch process with my new layout.

My layout is a small "old poor man's layout". I hope that my idea's can help some one else solve some problem with building a model railroad in a very limited space and a restricted budget. My layout is in a 9ft X 4ft. area and access must be allowed for opening the bathroom door (kind of important!) and getting to and from the bathroom, not to mention working with and operating the layout.

I am not as steady as I was in my younger days, but I do what my current ability allows me to do.

My structures are made from cereal box cardboard and I use Colored Pencils to paint them. It gives them the old, faded and weathered look. I support the local econemy and buy what I can get locally. The cardboard, itself, gives the wanted look of an old saging structure. Due to today's high cost of everything my money has to go to the important items. Track, Rolling Stock, Power Supply, Benchwork and Wiring, computer and supplies come first! Everything else is secondary. I thank God for my nephew, Glenn and my Sister Joyce, for helping me gather the things needed to build my layout!

The big advantage to designing your own buildings is that your structures don't look like those on other layouts and the satisfaction that you did it your self adds an enjoyment to the hobby!

NOTE: The perfectionist will look down at my work. That is fine because the BIGGEST FEATURE in model railroading is that everyone enjoys the hobby in his or her own way, as well as ability. As the saying goes, "you can't please everyone". If I am pleased, that is all that really matters!

The layout table height is 42 inches for 2 reasons. 1> It is just below eye level when sitting. 2> It is high enough to get under the table and work underneath it.

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Model Railroad

I have been a model railroader, off and on, since back in the 40's when I received my first S Gauge 4-4-2 Atlantic train set not long after World War 2 was over. I have also been in HO Gauge for most of the years since then. As a person 75 years of age, I have had a lot of enjoyment in the hobby over the years and still do!

In the larger Scales I did a lot more with detailing, etc. In N Scale, I am just as happy with reasonable looks. The feel of a Railroad and Operation is what I really want and enjoy.

Interconnecting the computer with the railroad makes life a lot easier and even more fun.

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Amateur (HAM) Radio

I have been a continuously licensed Ham Radio Operator since 1958. Currently, my station is not in use to make room for my office printers. My only Ham activity, these days, is on Echo Link with world wide communication via the internet. Echo Link is only avalable to verified licenced amateurs as a legal license is required to operate radio repeaters world wide.

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I don't remember the year, but I started with a Radio Shack Color Computer with a total memory of 32K. There were no software programs and you had to learn basic programming to make your own programs. The computer monitor was your Television using an RGB modulator unit connected to your TV antenna input. You didn't save your files like you do today, you saved them on a sereal tape recorder. I never understood how A=3, in school or how A+C=D, or 2*G=545 made any sense, but it all made sense when I learned computer programming. Even today, I have my own programs made in gwbasic and still use them and still make new programs.

The difference between then and now is mind boggling! The computer is as important to my model railroad and ham radio as the hobbies themselves, not to mention many other uses.

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Brass Hat... B.J.W.

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