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Forms that I have made for the PRR - Shady Valley Branch

PRINTING INSTRUCTIONS: DO NOT right click on the thumbnail picture, as the whole page will print. Left Click on the form to enlarge it. When enlarged, right click on it and select print. You will see other options as well. These forms were made using MsPaint. Since these forms are for my layout, I would suggest that you save the forms to your own computer and by using MsPaint, or any .BMP editor, you can change the information on the forms to fit your own needs, as well as form size.

As an old guy on a fixed income, I enjoy making my own items rather than purchasing them when I have a choice. For me, it adds to the fun of Model Railroading. What I have here is FREE for anyone to use to make your situation better.


Waybill Form

This Waybill is for head end car switching for a passenger train.

On a short branch line, there is no need to be switching the passenger cars. The Passenger cars are assigned to the train.

 Passenger Waybill

This Waybill is for a Freight train.

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Freight Waybill

Form 19

Form 19 

Form 31

Form 31 

Bad Order Forms

Bad Order Form

Layout Maintanence Forms

Maintanence Forms



To Be Spotted Forms

To Be Spotted Form


Clearence Card - Form K

Form K

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