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My layout is controlled by a Model Rectifier Tech 6 Sound Controller that gives me the flexibility of running DC (Direct Current) or DCC (Digital Command Control) engines. As of 10/6/2014, I have to use block control for my staging yard to have complete control of it with simplicity, but now Shady Valley is all one electrical block as I am now using DCC only. I have added the Tech 6 Handheld Unit that allows up to 6 engine assignments.

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Riverside Staging Yard Control Panel Operation

 I have complete control and know what is what back in the staging yard without having to look. The control panel shows me everything that I need to know, such as if a track is empty or occupied and if a track is occupied, what direction the train is facing. This is so that I know if a train is set up for the days operation or needs to be set up.

The track diagram shows the individule blocks indicated by the led's. Non led track has power full time. The led's are 2 color (red & green) indicating whether the power is on or off. The safety block in the staging area protects from any train entering or leaving, should a mistake occur.

The control toggle switches are below the diagram in the staging yard. The third pair of toggles from the left control the switch motor above them. The top toggle selects the direction and the lower red button activates the switch.

Staging Panel

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Shady Valley Control Panel Operation

The Shady Valley control panel has been completely removed because it is not required. The Branch Line Switches are all hand thrown by the "crew".

The old panel was designed so that I could operate with both DC and DCC equipped Locomotives, using the toggles to shut off DC engines where needed.

SV Panel

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Rebuilding Control Panel Operation for all DCC Operation

Changed to DCC Panel

I cut off the lower portion of the panel because I am using all manual switches, except for the hidden Riverside Yard. I am not operating with CTC on the branch. Therefore NO Control Panel for Shady Valley is required.

DCC Control

The Hand Held Control

The MRC 1203-2 has the ability to run 2 locomotives at the same time using the base and remote unit together. It can program 6 locomotives, which is more than I will ever need. I plan to use the base for my local passenger train and the remote for freight switching. At the most, eventually, I will add a work train and be able to assign up to 3 guest locomotives.

Hand Held Control

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