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11/07/2014 - Today, I will no longer be able to manage my website. The high cost of my phone service requires that I shut it off. I will leave my website up for anyone that can get some benifit from it. I did remove the "EMAIL ME" link on the Home Page as I will no longer have Internet service as of later today as I am having the phone service shut off. My Model Railroad is more important to me than phone and internet service. The BRASS HAT is signing off!

11/06/2014 - Added the Penn Central Logo to all Page Headings.

11/05/2014 - Added PROJECT(s) section to the Workbench Page and a link from WHAT'S HAPPENING section on the Home Page.

11/03/2014 - My new TOMIX Track Cleaner and Vacuum Car has arrived and added to my Workbench Page.

11/02/2014 - I have made several changes to the Home Page, such as, removing the UNDER CONSTRUCTION information and updated the WHAT'S HAPPENING section. I have changed the link buttons and moved them to the end of the sentences and removed the extra lines. The Buttons take you directly to the information, rather than to the top of the page. I have made changes to the Workbench Page.

11/01/2014 - I have updated the Operation Page to reflect my operation date to the mid 1970 year and displayed thai on my Home Page.

10/30/2014 - Replaced PRR Logo's on all Pages. Repaired incompleted headings on a couple of the Pages. Moved My "turn audio on... line" directly under the Audio Player, up from where it was.

10/28/2014 - Split up the Pictures Page by adding Layout Pictures Section and added a few new pictures to get things going.

10/20/2014 - On the Forms Page, I have edited the Passenger Waybill forms to a Northbound and Southbound form instead of 2 Northbounds. I have, also, added a Freight Waybill form. I replaced all of the flag divider lines with a PRR - Shady Valley divider line on all Pages.

10/19/2014 - I have added a Clearence Card - Form K on the Forms Page. Edited the Work Bench Page. I, also, made minor changes to the Home Page. I, also, changed my introduction message on the Home Page, It has changed from a 14 second to a 16 second message. The first message was not very understandable. I added more pictures and information to the Work Bench Page.

10/18/2014 - I have added the completed Work Pad next to the Basic Work Cradle on the Workbench Page. I have added an interactive Button to the What's Happening Section of the Home Page to make life easier for all.

10/17/2017 - I have replaced my audio welcome message and some minor changes to the Home Page. I added notations to the Waybill form on the Forms Page.

10/16/2014 - SUCCESS! I have added Audio Introduction on my Home Page. I also Updated my pictire on the Home Page.

10/15/2014 - I have been trying to add a welcome Message by voice to the home page, but no luck yet. I just have to locate the needed program.

10/12/2014 - Just did some sentence correcting and changes to the Electrical page.

10/11/2014 - Connected ALL pages to the Work Bench Page. I added a couple of home made tools to the Work Bench page.

10/10/2014 - Added the Work Bench page. At this point, you can only get to the Work Bench page from Home Page but from the Work Bench page, you can get to all other pages.

10/9/2014 - Added a couple of pictures on the Structure Page. One tool (sensitive Track Tester) is there until I have a better place to put it.

10/6/2014 - I have added my new Tech 6 handheld DCC control and holder to my layout. I, also added 2 Peco switches to complete the trackwork.

10/04/2014 - I replaced the old small forms 19 and 31 with the larger forms 19 and 31 that I am currently using.

10/02/2014 - I have added to the CONTROL page, a section describing my control panel changeover for DCC only Operation.

9/28/2014 - I made minor changes to the Pictures Page. I have changed the order if this imediate area from the OLDER dates ON TOP to NEWER dates ON TOP.

9/27/2014 - I discovered that I did not have a HOME button on the Layout page and I corrected that error. I have started work on a new page to be added to the website at a later date.

9/24/2014 - Made changes to the Home Page.

9/23/2014 - Added a new form - To Be Spotted - that I use for a back-up so that I can keep track of any car waiting to get into a full siding or industry.

9/22/2014 = Now have the Waybill Forms, Form 19, Form 31 and Bad Order Forms working correctly on the Forms Page. Built and added my new Layout Maintanence Form today.

9/21/2014 - Updated all page headings.

9/20/2014 - The Brass Hat worked on refining operating software.

9/19/2014 - The Track Gang has been working on relocating the SV Yard Storage Track, put in the new Rip Track and Company Track.

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