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HISTORYof the PRR Shady Valley Branch Railroad


In 1849, coal was discovered in the Stardust Hills 7 miles North of Shady Valley, then called Sherman's Corners. The Buck Mine was such a producer of coal that it overcame the horse and wagon teams so badly that a railroad was needed. The Shady Valley Branch of the Pennsylvania Railroad was constructed from Riverside (where the branch connected to the main line) to the Buck Mine and the small community of Sherman Corners.

Quickly the Foss Lumber Company and Gary's Fuel Company as well as the Grand Union Food Store developed in Sherman's Corners to handle the needs of the growing community.

In 1903, the mine ran out of coal and was closed. In 1904, the track was torn up from the mine to Shady Valley just South of State Highway 14. The crossing was removed and the highway was repaved in the area. Sherman's Corners was now the end of the line.

In 1912, the village of Sherman's Corners was incorperated and changed it's name to Shady Valley.

With the ripping up of the track, the crossing guard shanty was no longer needed. It was moved near the Freight House as a drivers room for the truckers to use. NOTE: The escape track is the track that had continued on to the mine, not the House Track.

In 1951, The Pennsylvania Railroad replaced the branch Steam Engines with GP-7 # 8803 and RS-3 # 5604.

With the industries in Shady Valley and the surrounding area, the Shady Valley Branch is still a busy and prosperous railroad.

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