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Vintage Rail Photos

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Vintage Rail Photos

By Craig H. Bluschke

LaSalle1.jpg (73463 bytes) Chicago's LaSalle Street Station
Wyeville3.jpg (60624 bytes) Wyeville, WI
Clyman3.jpg (58709 bytes) Clyman Jct., WI
Quarry2.jpg (52425 bytes) C&NW Block Occupancy Indicators  & Semaphores
MidltonEast.jpg (49090 bytes) Middleton, WI
SunPrairie1.jpg (61888 bytes) Sun Prairie, WI
MilwRndHse.jpg (49887 bytes) Madison, WI  - Milwaukee Road Yard
sooashlfire1.jpg (23841 bytes) Ashland, WI (Soo) After the fire.
CNWAshland2.jpg (81357 bytes) Ashland, WI (C&NW)
Ashland2.jpg (75571 bytes) Ashland, WI (Soo)
Duplainville_2.JPG (54228 bytes) Duplainville, WI
ICFreightHouse.JPG (120991 bytes) Madison, Wisconsin (IC Freight Station)
Franklin2cap.JPG (183399 bytes) Madison, Wisconsin (MILW RD, Franklin St.)
Madison1.JPG (159800 bytes) Madison, Wisconsin (C&NW)
Madison1_1978.JPG (109585 bytes) Madison, Wisconsin (MILW RD)
Boscobel_82373_2.JPG (79053 bytes) Boscobel, Wisconsin
Randolph Wi3.jpg (67649 bytes) Randolph, Wisconsin
CNW-West_Allis_1976a.jpg (100537 bytes) West Allis, Mt. Horeb and Cedarburg, Wisconsin


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