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United States Railroads Operating in Canada

Movie trains

AMTK 344 leads Maple Leaf changing crews before heading across the border to New York City. May 1981

This through VIA/Amtrak train began operation April 26, 1981 over CN
and replaced the VIA service (RDC) over CPR/TH&B via Fort Erie and
Black Rock to Exchange Street in Buffalo.

CPR passenger trains used this station in Windsor also to and from Detroit after tunnel opened. Bill Thomson
Note the mechanical train order hoops!

Michigan Central car ferries

Michigan Central car ferry Detroit of Detroit. Winter 1905
Sold 1910 to Wabash following opening of Detroit River Tunnel.
Ferry service ended April 30, 1994

Note flat car loaded with two steam traction engines!

Delaware and Hudson 17 meeting CPR 1801 at Westmount, Que. June 1968. Jim Boyd/Joseph Testagrose Collection.

This was the only line in Canada where for a few short years U.S. and Canadian roads passenger trains operated with A-1-A wheel arrangement passenger units. There were only ever three CPR E8's built by EMD in the US for the CPR B&M Pool between Montreal and Boston. D&H's only such units were four former Santa Fe PA4's built by Alco and acquired for passenger service between Albany and Montreal. They were later rebuilt with new Alco 251F engines rated at 2400 hp.


Boston and Maine Pool
The Alouette and The Red Wing

The Gull

Burlington Northern
British Columbia

Canada Southern

Chesapeake and Ohio

Delaware and Hudson
Montreal Limited The Laurentian

Detroit River Tunnel Company

Great Northern
See also: Burlington Northern

Lake Erie & Detroit River
Pere Marquette

Midland of Manitoba/BNML

New York Central/Michigan Central
Inc. Penn Central and Conrail

Norfolk & Western

Pere Marquette/Chesapeake & Ohio/CSX
Stories and Photos
Map Ontario and US



St.Thomas roundhouse. 1944 Ron Nelson Collection


Pere Marquette Ry. ferry number 14 at CPR slip, foot of Elm Avenue, Windsor. c.1910.

PRR 8108 8105 Baldwin RS12's with a transfer from Buffalo to CNR. Fort Erie September 1963 Bill Thomson

Rutland 90 with the day train to New York soon to end. New CNR 9044 runing extra. East entrance to the Victoria bridge under catenary of Montreal commuter service. Fall 1951 Kevin Day Collection

C&O 756 St.Thomas April 24, 1949

NYC 1000 first of 43 units ALCO FA-1. Montreal 6/22/1962 Peter Cox

NYC 4483 K-11b 4-6-2 Schenectady 1911 Westmount, Que. April 1944 Gene Connelly/Bud Laws Collection

Rutland 76 Cyl. 22 1/2" x 26" Drivers 69" Schenectady #51566 1912. Montreal 1936 Joseph Schick

This Ten-Wheeler hauled the Green Mountain Flyer over the CNR into Montreal.

Movie trains

AMrail 6506 ("ex" VIA 6506 nee CN 6506)

Filmed in Alberta for May 1984 movie Finders Keepers
which was based upon the novel Next-to-last Train Ride.

Ever seen a New Haven diesel in Canada? Here is "proof". Not really.
This pair of covered wagons at Spadina were painted for a TV movie!
It was for the 1973 movie "Class of '44".

Now, if we could come up with any still photos of this old movie either scenes
from the actual movie or better yet shots of the movie being made!

Kansas Star 4037 fictitious train in the Superman movie made in Canada.
Calgary station. August 5, 1977 F.O.Repp

CP 4037 with two coaches, two baggage cars, box car and van. Used in Superman movie produced in 1978.
Lethbridge Viaduct 1977.

"AM Road" 4070 and 4067 with the Silver Streak during filming of 1976 comedy-thriller movie by the same name.
It involved a train trip across America from Los Angeles to Chicago.
Fictional AM Road was created when Amtrak refused use of its name.
Calgary L.B.Chapman Collection

Note: Filming was done at various locations including in Alberta as well as at Toronto Yard,
along the Havelock Subdivision and at Union Station where the runaway wreck scene took place.
All-in-all this was an enjoyable movie, not too far fetched. Richard Pryor provided much of the comedy.

This was the only time CP's Budd built stainless steel equipment was used for a movie.




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