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Norfolk and Western

Norfolk and Western acquired the Wabash in a 1964 complex merger that included three other US roads.
Another three US roads were also merged and then in 1982 Southern was merged to form Norfolk Southern.
In 2011 NS ended the old Wabash perpetual running rights due in a large part to a loss of traffic.
CN insisted NS continue to operate across the border at Fort Erie to perform interchange.

NW 3667_3660 sitting in Windsor with Detroit in the background. 8/1976 Byron Babbish

NW 3453 ex Wabash 453 GMD A148 1/1951 Only road switcher built for Canadian service.

Fort Erie sanding tower.May 1975 Jim Parker

CN diesel shop Fort Erie. N&W 3657 first unit of a 20 unit order. ex Wabash 657 nee 1155.
GMD A125 November 1950





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