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The Wabash operated in Canada entirely by trackage rights on the CNR between Windsor and Fort Erie beginning in March of 1898 over predecessor GTR. While primarily used as a bridge route between Detroit and Buffalo it also served local traffic within Ontario. This continued under Norfolk & Western ownership. Successor Norfolk Southern ended these perpetual rights in 2011 except for transfer interchange at Fort Erie. Wabash used a portion of St.Thomas yard where their own switcher a small 43-ton GE was based. Built in 1939 this was a very early one-man engine, the only one operating in Canada. GMD supplied 22 A units, 4 SW8's and 1 GP7 all built in Canada.

3547_3521 these units would have passed through Ontario to reach the end of their run in Buffalo.

WAB 1160A_1160 original numbering at Windsor. November 1957. Frank Tatnall

664 part of 20 unit order F7A built as 1155, 1155A to 1164, 1164A
(A125 - A144 11/1950 - 3/1951) this was C-106 the sixth order for GMD.

670 part of 20 unit GMD order 657-676

WAB 725 (GMD A487 3/1953) first of two F7A unit order meeting CNR 3875 at Canfield Junction.
5/18/1966 Peter A. Cox

1158A_1158 ?

1189A on a meet.

123 SW8 GMD A146 1/1951 Part of three unit order 122-124.

Wabash 51 43-ton 300 HP (Two Cummins HBI-6 150 hp diesel) GE 12496 7/1939
Retired 12/1960 and sold 1961 to Andrew Merrilees (D) Toronto.

Merrilees 51 at their yard West Toronto 7/1961. Leased to York Steel in Toronto, later LASCO in Whitby, Ont.
and finally sold 4/1967 to Atlas Steels in Tracy, Quebec where it was used for about 25 years before going to
Elgin County Railway Museum in St.Thomas 8/1994.

Wabash engines and cars in CNR St. Thomas yard. 1935 ENLARGE

Note roundhouse left background. Also, narrow gauge "track" behind switch stand for baggage wagon.



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