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Manitoba shortlines

Alphabetical order A - Z

Boundary Trail

BNSF (Manitoba) Ltd.

Formerly, Midland Railway of Manitoba
Jointly owned by Northern Pacific and Great Northern.

Central Manitoba (CANDO)

City of Winnipeg Hydro See: Winnipeg Hydro

Greater Winnipeg Water District

Hudson Bay


A spinoff of a spinoff! Keewatin Railway is First Nations-owned (April 1, 2006) to operate the ex Hudson Bay (ex CNR) branch 185 miles from Sherritt Junction to Lynn Lake. (See map below) A mixed train in conjunction with VIA operates twice a week between The Pas and Pukatawagan.

KRC 2403 (nee B&O 3822) GP38 enroute likely to replace one of two MLW M-420's.
BNSF Minneapolis, MN diesel shop March 1, 2011 John Hill

KRC 2402 (ex 2400, ex HBR 3501 ex CN 3501) M420 MLW M6071-02 5/73 Nov. 18, 2010 Grant Mc.Vittie

KRC 2401 (ex HBR 3512 ex CN 3512) M420 MLW M6071-13 5/73 The Pas March 6, 2010 Grant Mc.Vittie

Lake Line Railroad

Former CPR Winnipeg Beach Subdivision Mile 26.13 Selkirk to Mile 58.0 Gimli.
Running rights Mile 26.13 to Mile 20. Effective July 16, 2012.

Also, former CPR Lac du Bonnet Sub. Mile 1.8 (near Molson)
to Mile 10.9 (near Beausejour). Effective August 3, 2012.

HLCX 4220 acq. 8/2013 ex CP 4616, ex SOO 2036, ex MILW 2036 nee 163:1. GP40-2 EMD 32480 1/1967

Two photos; 6/15/2019 Viterra elevator Beausejour.


GMTX 98 leased 7/2012 - 2015 ex Prairie Mines & Royalty 6970, ex Luscar Coal 6901, ex Prairie Coal 84160 .
nee Saskatchewan Power 1001. One of only four SW1001's in Canada. (Two for Port of Montreal).
Ordered from GMD A3682, EMD 788054-1 11/1978 Selkirk September 2013

MDXX 911 leased 2015 ex Wabush 911 last of 11 RS-18 DL-718B built as low nose units. Used on Wabush Lake Ry.
in Labrador and Arnaud Quebec. #84829 4/1965. Upgraded to 2000 HP prior to 6/1980.
Netley April 2015

Manitoba Hydro See: Winnipeg Hydro

Midland of Manitoba See: BNSF Manitoba


Abitibi Pulp and Paper Co.

Prairie Rail Solutions
Prairie Dog Central

Southern Manitoba

SMNR 3518 acq. 7/1999 (ex CN 3518 nee 2518) M420 MLW M6071-19 1973

Note: Transferred 5/2002 to another Tulare Valley road.

Shown here as single unit of Colorado Pacific at Ordway, CO May 4/2019

Southern Manitoba 3536 acq. 7/1999 ex CN 3536/2536 nee BBD 7000 HR412 BBD 5/1982 Gordon J. Strathdee

Only unit works two ex CN subs. (Miami Sub. 102 miles and Hartney Sub. 42 miles) in Manitoba began August 22, 1999.
Owned by Tulare Valley a US company and operated by Cando Contracting. Note: Abandoned and dismantled in 2008.

Winnipeg Hydro


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