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Delaware and Hudson

Napierville Junction
(Canadian subsidiary)
Delson QC - Rouses Point, NY 28 miles

Steam Gallery

The "Montreal Limited", the overnight train from Albany to Montreal, has just crossed the CPR's St. Lawrence River
bridge and has another six miles to go to its destination at CPR's Windsor Station.. The D&H had trackage rights
on the CPR from Delson to Montreal. D&H 16 Train No. 9 actually is CPR Train No. 221 at this point.
Lasalle, QC January 17/1970 Ian Stronach

The fireman has just snagged the train order hoop from the CPR operator as the "Montreal Limited", moves through the Napierville Junction Railway and onto the northward track of the CPR Adirondack Sub. D&H 17 Train No. 9
has become CPR Train No. 221 at this point. Delson, QC June 14, 1969 Ian Stronach

Note the deadhead sleeper between two headend cars.

Note too that the Train Order board is not displaying indication for orders.

NJ 4051 making a move under good old hand signals. Delson, QC.April 24, 1977

NJ 4050_4051 in old and new paint schemes. Only two units of Napierville Junction Ry.
Rouses Point, NY November 31, 1966

D&H 19 with The Launentian passing Westmount Tower. September 13, 1969.

Extra NJ 4050 with train 200 is about to leave St.Luc Yard for Rouses Point. August 26, 1969

NJ 4050 (2 unit order 4050-4051) RS-2 MLW 76098 2/1950 Rouses Point, NY August 5, 1970

Both units sold 9/1973 to MLW. Both re-sold to FC de Cuba (Ministry of Sugar) 51501 - 51502.


D&H_18_16 at the Glen. Spotless! May 29/1976

RS-11 5008 (ALCO 83687 4/1961) and an RS-3 are ready to leave Windsor Station in Montreal on the Adirondack.
It departed westbound though Montreal West before turning southward on the Adirondack Sub. through Delson and then took the Lacolle Sub. towards the border enroute to New York. Note the train is running as an extra. Note too there are two units powering a three car train! The dome car at the left may be a Park car and is likely on No. 41 from Saint John, NB due to arrive at 0850 daily. In the background is the 40 storey Chateau Champlain of CP Hotels. 11/14/1974 James Gillin

Rare RS-36 (D&H had 12 of only 40 units built) 5020 (Alco 84402 2/63) and RS-3 1508 with the Adirondack approaching Montreal West. 11/12/1974 James Gillin

NOTE: Following the startup of Amtrak May 1, 1971 the two D&H passenger trains (Laurentian and the overnight Montreal Limited) between New York City (Grand Central Terminal) and Montreal (Windsor Station) were not included. Eventually, the State of New York provided a subsidy to restore passenger service on August 5, 1974. Adirondack
was the new name. Trains operated as Passenger Extras until the new CP employee time table #25 effective 4/27/1975.
Number 34 departed 0950 Daily while #35 arrived 2000 Daily.

CP 6524 (and 7041 below) switching D&H equipment in Windsor Station.
4/06/1971 Joseph Testagrose Collection
A month from now it will not be here when Amtrak comes into existance and this train is gone.

19 Alco PA1 (before remanufactured) April 1969 Windsor Station. Joseph Testagrose Collection

Two photos; Delaware & Hudson 18 and 16 ex ATSF PA1 rebuilt 1975 PA4 at the Glen May 29,1978 Ron Visockis

Delaware & Hudson 18 and 19 famed Alco PA's lead a mix of equipment at Montreal West on December 30,1975
John Eull

RS-3 4012 Montreal West 6/26/1962 Peter Cox Note the Railway Express Agency reefer.

4016 RS-3 at Montreal West. 4/29/1950 Three photographs: Wayne Koch Collection

Another view of 4016 at Montreal West. Undated.

4019 with visibility stripes at Montreal West. Undated.


Time Table June 19, 1949 Derek Boles Collection

607 with No.34 the morning train to New York leaving Windsor Station Montreal May 1947 Steve Morris Collection

D&H 602 on the CPR Glen shop track. August 13, 1937 Otto Perry

D&H 606 a Pacific with typical Wooten firebox sits in front of a CPR passenger engine with what looks like
two huge piles of brick arch! Montreal. 8/1930. C.Munk Collection/Bud Laws Collection.

Here is 606 again, radically changed in appearance with smoke deflectors, cap stack, front end and cab restyling.
August 13, 1937 Otto Perry

D&H 652 on the CPR Glen shop track. Note CPR 2582 in background. August 13, 1937 Otto Perry

DH 914 Delson, QC September 1940 Bud Laws Collection.

DH 914 Delson, QC September 1946 Bud Laws Collection


NJ 36 beautifully restored and displayed at this private railroad museum in Mooers, NY. July 2, 2016

Former Rutland station Mooers, New York.


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