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Canada Southern

MCRR 7560 2-8-0 one of 14 (7554-7567) built by MLW 30786 1905

Michigan Central (Canada Southern Div.) 7630 Victoria Yard, Fort Erie, Ontario 5/24/1936 Bud Laws Collection

H-7-b 2-8-2 New York Central Lines Michigan Central 7914 across the border in Niagara Falls, NewYork.
July 13, 1936 Bud Laws Collection

7942 with freight at Suspension Bridge, New York. Bud Laws Collection

NYC 1291 and sister 1290 were the last two remaining engines built at the Michigan Central erecting shop in St.Thomas
and lasted until the end of steam working the branch. Locomotives were built in Canada to avoid paying duty.
Oil Springs, Ont. May 21, 1956 Arthur B. Johnson

NYC 7191 along with sister 7190 were only two 0-10-0's built in Canada (MLW April 1909) for a US road.
These engines along with a third Brooks built 0-10-0 (below) worked in Windsor, Ontario the first hump yard in Canada.
It is likely two engines were all that was required for the hump at one time with the third being a relief engine thus at times one would be available to run elsewhere. Shown here at Comber the end of a short branch. March 11,1946

New York Central Lines 7499. Small lettering on tender reads: CCC&St.L. Likely this engine was on the CASO replacing another engine in the back shop for heavy repairs. Circa 1930's. Old Time Trains Archives

Diesel Era

New York Central

Penn Central


CPR John Street coach yard.


NYC 4042 EMD E8A (14581 8/1951) leads TH&B 372 from Hamilton to Welland and Buffalo enroute to New York City. This equipment ran through from Buffalo to Toronto over the NYC to Welland, TH&B to Hamilton and CPR Joint Section although the diesels were changed at Hamilton. Stoney Creek, Ont. 8/21/1963 Peter Cox



NYC 5822 sitting by itself. (10 units 5818-5827) GMD A158 3/1951

Niagara Falls

NYC 6033_6036 GP9 GMD A1078 A1080 4/1957

PC 2285 (ex PRR 2285) EMD 29456 6/1964 crossing the border.

Fort Erie

Canfield, Ontario

NYC 2109_(GP20 2000 HP 1961 2100-2112) and 2547 (GE U25B) lead two more units.

NYC 4051 (E8A EMD 15311 4/1952) _4005 (E7A EMD 2870 10/1945)

NYC 2028 leads freight on Canada Division mainline which also hosted C&O on trackage rights.
Parallelling CNR's Cayuga Sub. which hosted Wabash (later, N&W then NS) on trackage rights.
and crossed CNR's Dunnville Subdivision.

One of 24 (2021-2044) Alco RS-32's 2000 HP.
Only 35 of this rare model were built by Alco before it was superceeded by the Century 420 model.

NYC bay window cabooses on tailend.




See below for an older view in another direction. CNR Hagersville Subdivision.

CNR Mixed 233 engine 1541 westward (southbound) crossing the NYC diamond Hagersville Saturday, August 10, 1957.
Ten-Wheeler 1541 would haul the last Granny two months later on Saturday, October 26, 1957.
Lever tower at left, NYC station at right. Former GTR station in background.
Gren Schrader CNR operator


NYC 1068 leading across another diamond. This one with CNR branch between Hamilton and Port Dover.
FA2 Alco 78959 7/1951



Long time headquarters of CASO operations under Michigan Central/New York Central.

Penn Central era began February 1, 1968.

PRR 6301 leads NYC units (below) early Penn Central era. Alco C-628 2750 HP 3404-02 3/1965

NYC 2059 one of 10 (2050-2059) Alco C-430 3000 HP 3494-10 12/1967


JWAX 49097 famous Johnson wax products may have come from their plant on LE&N in Brantford.


PC 22882 caboose with some work cars ahead of it. The all too brief Penn Central era. St.Thomas yard.

Conrail 7435 (ex PC 7435 nee NYC 6035) GP9 GMD A1080 4/1957
Windsor 4/5/1980 John Lameck/Sam Beck Collection

Run through power.

NYC/TH&B/CPR Buffalo/Welland/Hamilton/Toronto Yard.

NYC 7431 and PC/ex NYC 7430 (see below) likely with a third unit. Toronto Yard 5/1970 Paul Mc Grane

PC 7430 ex NYC 7430

Malone, New York to Adirondack Jct. and St. Luc, Montreal.

NYC 5303_5332 Alco RS-3

Hiding behind 4210 are 2903-2904 a pair of Alco (UP painted) C-630 demonstrator units with CP dynamometer car 62!
Units operated from Montreal - Toronto - Windsor May 23rd. returning through London May 24th. to Toronto Yard.
Then went out west and tested in the Rockies, came back east then went to CNR before delivery to UP.
CPR demo 5/20/1966 - 6/20/1966 Note: CPR bought 37 units. CNR bought 44 units.

D&H 3015 one of 8 1000 HP Alco's leased to CPR was also present that same day on the shop track.




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