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401391 Stores Department box car used to deliver OCS supplies from Main Stores to a local Company Store.
Coquitlam 8/22/1977

Crew cars

412469 Coquitlam, BC 6/13/1976

410276 boarding car is a most unusual piece of equipment! Was it once a van? Note far end has no steps.

424756 most modern work service equipment. Four photos; White River 7/14/2019


424289, 424769, 424779, 424776, 424777.



413159_415125_424952 modern new built service equipment.


404669 small box car remodelled for service Machine Tool & Power complete with added end doors.

403338 boom car for auxiliary hook.

Three photos: Brownville, Jct. Maine August 1, 1964 George F. Meloin/Bud Laws Collection

404051 service 36 foot wood box car in work train.

368839 6 door side dump ballast gondola. 33 foot built 1912


418014 is a steam generator car (note stack near side door) rebuilt from a 230000 40 foot 60 ton hopper bottom box car.
That is a steam yard locomotive slope back tender you can see the curved outline of. Holding 1700 gallons of oil and 3500 gallons of water. It would be used to thaw culverts in winter after steam locomotives were all retired. Lettering beside door: Steam (next line) Generator Car. Behind it is a cutdown wooden box car number unknown. No idea what it was used for!

Old boxcar body off trucks for unknown use. Seldom seen as normal practice for retired service equipment was to leave it intact with WD (waiting destroyal) painted on the side near numbe, thus making it easier to move if necessary.

415?91 an unusual piece of service equipment. Looks like an old steam locomotive tender sitting on a flat car.

Two views of 408463 the Nelson Tool Car an unusual modified car.

CP 404344 typical old 40' box car used to ship OCS supplies renumbered into 400000 service equipment series.
Newport, VT 2/13/1987 Kermit Geary Jr.

CP 404614 old gon modified for work service. St.Luc Yard 9/12/1997 Kermit Geary Jr.

400018 one of 20 tank cars 24,900 gallons capacity.

CP 415014 tank car for water on work trains. Cranbrook, BC 9/16/2000 Kermit Geary Jr.

CP 415046 older style 51' 16,000 gallon tank car for water on work trains.11/13/2011 St.Luc.
This style once used for diesel oil 400100-400215 (125 cars) originally 389100-389224.Built 1950-54.

415847 OCS flat car with potable water (drinking) tank with its own generator (far left end) to pump with.

416387 OCS flat car used to deliver brand new wheels from maker to car shops.

CP 418620 48' mill gon (353 series 70 ton built 1937) use for tie service. Leighton, PA 7/17/1991 Kermit Geary Jr.

450249 old express reefer in passenger colours, now OCS.
Note stencil "Leaky tanks, Heater Service Only."
HSO cars were common in later years.

I Yard downtown Calgary May 27, 1975
Phil Mason


400000 steam pile driver. Toronto 1950's Jim Parker

Auxiliary train. For hooks see Gallery of cranes.

403740 Cable car used on the Auxiliary. Ron Visockis

411519 Foreman's car on the No.1 Auxiliary ("Big Hook"). Two views; West Toronto c.1950's Jim Parker

This car, like many pieces of rolling stock especially passenger equipment, had a long and varied life.
Built in 1909 as Sleeper-Buffet-Parlor-Observation car Glenbow. 2/1918 re-named Mount Bruce.
4/1926 exterior steel plated. During this revenue passenger use it would have provided the best First Class
accommodations bringing up the rear of the most important passenger trains. When newer cars were
acquired older cars went into Company Service for use by Officials as Business Cars (never say, "private car")
travelling about their territory or to accommodate different employee groups working away from home.
In this case 11/1949 it became Service car 411519 for use on the auxiliary, a special train including a
"hook" or wreck crane, sent out to "affairs" as the CPR referred to derailments, wrecks etc. Scrapped 1969.

Closeup of sign.

Weigh scale test cars.

CP 420926 scale test car. 30-ton 15 feet 3 inches. Built Atlas Steel, Welland June 1916
These cars used to test accuracy of track scales. No air brake account wear of brake shoes would change correct weight. Must be moved on rear of train. Once handled next to van with air hose run around scale car.

CP 420927 scale test car converted from covered hopper and used in conjunction with 420926.
Fort Edwards, NY 7/02/2000 two photos Kermit Geary Jr.

CP 420931 scale test car is another odd-shaped piece of equipment!
Converted Weston shops 5/1982 from B-100 booster unit MLW 77710 12/1950
Sold for scrap Mandak Metals, Selkirk, MB.
Winnipeg 10/08/2014


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