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CPR Rolling Stock

Freight car equipment

All photos taken in Toronto beginning in early 1950's by Jim Parker unless otherwise credited.

CP 19442 33 foot 20 ton capacity wood box car. One of 96 cars used for fast freight. Canadian Pacific Despatch
Lettering at top of car next to door reads: paste no advertisements Old Time Trains Archives

CP 41844 34 foot 30 ton box car.

CP 30003 50 foot double door box car. Renumbered into separate series, believed to be in assigned auto parts service.

CP 35418 40 foot insul box with 6 foot plug door and two underslung charcoal heaters. 60-ton 3377 cu.ft. NSC 1959
Lettering to left of door: INSULATED AND HEATED CAR FOR CLEAN LADING ONLY EXCEPT BULK COMMODITY 500 built with charcoal heaters then, 600 with alcohol heaters. 3/09/1986 Kermit Geary Jr.

42209 Wood steel frame 40 foot box staggered double doors.

CP 52941 40 foot 60-ton 8 foot door 3900 cubic foot capacity box car. North Bay,ON 11/24/1988 Kermit Geary Jr.

56445 40 foot box with 8 foot door for forklifts. Note shield NEWSPRINT SERVICE ONLY.
9/20/1975 Sumas, WA.

139002 36 foot 40 ton wood box car with drop doors. Stencil below car number reads:
Old Time Trains Archives

NOTE: See 230000 (below) for 40 foot box similarly equipped and assigned.

CP 141017 40 foot box car 6' door. 3900 cu.ft. One of 1500 cars built in 1954 and another 1000 in 1955.
Note lack of roof catwalk removed during shopping. .

The original CP Rail paint scheme featuring Action Red with Multimark layout at left with car initials and number to the right. This layout was used for visual style without regard to the trouble it caused in the field for car checkers and others having to read and write down car numbers while moving on account of same being too close to the car next to it with the normal Canada-wide practice. It was later rearranged to standard layout.

143247 (143000-143249) 40-foot box car with plug doors and grain loading hatches. Soo 7/1986 Wolf Kirchmeir

CP 176743 36 foot 45 ton capacity 2448 cubic foot, 5 foot door, steel frame wooden box car. Leaside (Toronto)

182914 wooden truss rod 30 ton 40 foot Bohn Convertible ventilator reefer. diagram Old Time Trains Archives

CP 186581 36 foot 45 ton capacity 2448 cubic foot, 5 foot door, steel frame wooden box car. Built 1/1913. Leaside

CP 209146 36 foot 45 ton capacity 2448 cubic foot, 5 foot door, steel frame wooden box car built December 1912.
14,000 of these box cars were built 1909-14. Toronto c.1952

C.P. 131012 article June 1910 details and drawings 2,500 36' 40-ton CC&F steel under frame box cars.

223847 40 foot box 6 foot door 3715 cu.ft. built 1940.
One of two box cars (also, 251248) built with aluminum sides, roofs and running boards.

227106 40 foot 45 ton box car with 6 foot door. 3715 cu.ft. Built 1937

230000 equipped with drop doors for grain loading. 60 ton 3098 cu.ft. built 7/1920 Fort William
Stencil wording below car number reads:
Assigned to special grain service only between Port Mc.Nicoll and West St.John.
NOTE: See 139002 (above) for 36 foot box similarly equipped and assigned. Also, 299690 (below) 40 foot double door.

240000 grain hopper 75 ton capacity. Railway Age April 9, 1920.

CP 236434 a 40 foot long 60 ton capacity 6 foot wide door 3098 cu.ft. steel frame wooden box car built January 1921.
Over 4,500 built 1920-21 Leaside, Toronto c.1951

C.P. 240586 40 foot 60 ton steel box car with 5 foot door 3005 cu.ft 7,500 built 1929-30

C.P. 252240 40 foot 60 ton steel 3715 cu.ft. box car with 6 foot door. 4000 cars built 1941-46 Stencil next to door reads:

CP 254532 steel 40 foot 3900 cubic foot 6 ft door box car built 1947. West Toronto freight shed. ca.1950's

257399 typical 40 foot steel box car with AB brakes, one of over 16,000 built as 50-ton cars 1948-53.
Readville MA May 14,1978 Bill Rogerson

C.P. 268911 40 foot 60 ton 3900 cu.ft. 6 ft door steel box car built by Pullman-Standard in USA 7/1952
International of Maine Division cars could not be used in Canadian domestic service.

269300 WA = Waiting Angus (for scrapping).

272007 Horse car. (272000-272013 14 cars built 1902-18) Wooden truss-rod 46' 30-ton capy. Tare 51,500.
Digital restoration: Walter Pfefferle

See 158700-158749 Palace Horse Cars 1911 detailed article. (browser back to here)

272014 horse car (272014_272028 15 cars) 46' steel 30-ton capy. Tare weight 57,200. Built 4/1928

272026 with two "passengers"!

C.P. 273365 a 36 foot steel underframe stock car, one of thousands built 1909-13.
West Toronto at the stockyards on the "Klondike" track where manure was cleaned out of stock cars.
Note Swift Canadian meat plant in the background at corner of St.Clair Avenue West and Keele Street.
All of this area has been redeveloped mostly with big box stores and some housing. More is underway.

CP 277176 40 foot steel stock car. (wood sides protect animals from weather extremes). 9/06/1987 Kermit Geary Jr.

CP 277229 (at right) and other stock cars not needed for livestock no longer moving by rail are used to ship mostly OCS supplies such as ties releasing gons for revenue freight. Toronto Yard 6/1980 Kermit Geary Jr.

280537 wood S.U.F. express reefer renumbered into freight series.
c.1966 Old Time Trains Archives

280731 40 foot 30 ton (tare 40 tons) express reefer with overhead ice bunker and underslung charcoal heaters.
Note: Renumbered into new freight car series 280700-280795 from passenger car series 5800-5904. Built 1950-54.

CP 289760 steel refrigerator (reefer) car with underslung charcoal heater. Built c.1940. Toronto c.1954.

CP 299690 40 foot 40 ton 3615 cu.ft steel frame wooden automobile box car. Toronto c.1954.

Thousands built 1921-24. Soon those remaining were to be renumbered in 1955 into a new series 40000-41046 (1047 cars)
and reclassified as plain box cars having been replaced by new steel auto boxes. New automobiles travelled in these cars in the years before multilevel flatcars. Note the staggered doors of different sizes (13.5 ft.) to permit autos being driven inside.

Some of these cars were equipped with hopper bottom doors and used for grain and coal loading.

CP 301565 52 foot 6 inch wood deck 70-ton flat built 1954. Starting in 1949 950 of these flat cars were built.
Here with a load of two pair of diesel unit six-axle truck frames. 11/24/1988 North Bay,ON Kermit Geary Jr.

309950 first of 5 pit flats built 1921. 37 feet long 80 ton capacity.

Note: The upright structure is part of the car. It holds the load as there is no bottom in the pit!

309953 loaded pit flat. See empty car 309950 above.

CP 360693 40 ft. 2775 cu.ft. "long hopper" used for ballast service. Longitudinal doors drop contents in and outside rails.
A little battered but still around more than 40 years later. Built 1953. East Binghamton, NY 12/12/1998 Kermit Geary Jr.

364599 tripple hopper 80 ton capy. 25 tons tare. Built 3/1958

CP 376589 80-ton ore car 1524 cu.ft. Five drop bottom doors each side. CC&F 1926
Note 106 cars got 18" extention to increase capacity from 1230 cubic feet capacity.
Once used for iron ore pellets from INCO Copper Cliff mill 80 miles to Little Current harbour.
White sign: ASSIGNED TO ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT. No doubt for track work.
60 years old! Smiths Falls 3/06/1988 Kermit Geary Jr.

CP 377228 one of 250 24 foot 70-ton 1400 cu.ft hopper-bottom ore cars built for lead-zinc ore and concentrates around Tadanac, BC. Built 1952 Eastern Car Co. Trenton, NS. Cranbrook, BC 9/16/2000 Kermit Geary Jr.

380300 covered hopper 3000 cubic foot 80 ton capacity. Last of 50 car order. Built 11/1951

(380000-380840 built 1947-56)
Cement and a few other commodities were all that was shipped in this type of car in the 1950's.
Now, large quantities of various types of covered hopper cars are used for grain, sulphur,
plastic pellets and many other commodities.

380635 70 ton covered hopper.


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