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CPR Rolling Stock

Piggyback and Container Flat Cars with Trailers and Containers

One of the biggest users of the CPR's piggyback service was Smith Transport which had been acquired by the CPR.
Shown here passing by Bathurst Street this trailer has the new CP Multimark introduced June 17, 1968.

CP's own Express company used pigyback as well. Single axle trailer for light loads.

At one time even short trailers were welcome!

Overnite Express was a long haul transport company. Note the CP Express containers on old passenger car frame.

Thibodeau Express was a small transport company owned by Algoma Central Corporation.
Prior to piggyback service there was a small Thibodeau garage (but no yard) located right near Lambton roundhouse.

Different piggyback plans were available including one for companies to ship their own trailers such as Salada - Sherriff.

Leamington was a smaller transport company most likely based out of Leamington, Ontario.

Missouri Pacific Truck Lines trailer travelling through Ontario.

Early method of moving containers by rail. 300279 wood deck 46 foot flat car built 1929.

Experimental lightweight 44 foot Portager container cars built by GMD. Circa 1960

Closeup of 507007 four wheel skeleton container car.

520037 with only three containers being setoff Number 42 The Atlantic Limited Mc.Adam May 1, 1968. Bill Linley

520053 last of 29 (520025-520053) side loading 83' container flat cars converted from heavweight sleeping cars.

522483 purpose built container flat car.



Intermodal Pioneer




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