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Canadian Machinery November 1910


Old Articles Index

This is an easy reference to locate very old magazine articles.
They are all to be found in their respective places as well.



CPR construction and early history. Spiral Tunnel 1908

World's Greatest Travel System
Feature about travel by rail and ship over the decades.
Added link (scroll to very bottom)

Houses and Hotels

Chateau Lake Louise extension. 1915 article

Camping out along the CPR. 1921 article northen Ontario camps.


CPR various general history.

Clearing the Mountain Subdivision Article Connaught Tunnel
and Twin Butte 1931 blockages.

Grant Hall, Vice President 1920 biography article


Grade Separations index

Toronto CPR, GTR, TTR.

Toronto Grade Separations, Viaduct and Parkdale.June 1913

Grade separation Winnipeg Main Street 1916

Ottawa Wellington Street 1910,

Winnipeg Viaduct CNoR 1912.


Redevelopment of Land Added detailed article covering first and second stages of CPR Angus Shops redevelopment.



CNR predecessor roads

CGR Mobile telephone train orders to a train 1918

CGR PEI car ferry 1915

CNoR Gas-electric car 500 1912

GTR of Canada 1859 - 1923
GTR Grand Trunk System 1908
GTS map lines west
GTS map lines east

GTR Brantford railways. 1901 article.
Including TH&B plus more recent and current station photos.
Also, brief history of Brantford Street Railway.

NTR Leonard car ferry Quebec City - Levis



Automatic box car unloading in grain elevators Port Arthur 1922

CNR Concrete bridges September 1932





Beauharnois Power 1931 article
Massive hydro-electric generating project.
Rostered 14 steam locomotives!

Canadian Car plant 1906 Details of entire plant with diagrams.

Canadian General Electric 1895 Details of plant with diagram.NEW

Cornwall Bridge Accident NY&O 1898

Dominion Bridge 1916 article with history and map.
Photos of major railway bridges.

Montreal Locomotive Works
Plant and Equipment
September 1916

Quebec Bridge article 1916
Four days before its second collapse!

Universal Gas Hydraulic Switcher 1922 article

Erecting Shop
A look at a typical back shop.

Hump Retarder Yard
A look at a typical 1950's yard.





New shops (Hillcrest) 1923




Photograph Galleries





GTR Steam

Mogul Baldwin 1908


CPR Steam

P2 class Mikado 1929

0-6-6-0 articulated
Mallet compound 1950 Two articles 1910.
Simple engine 1955 Two articles.
Conversion saturated compound to superheated simple.

Suburban Tank 1910





National Steel Car

Article 1916

Article 1920 CNR V sleepers built for ICR.
These are the first steel cars referred to in 1916 article.






CNR Predecessors

Grand Trunk in USA before GTW

Grand Trunk car shops Port Huron, Michigan 1917


Canadian Northern Winnipeg Viaduct 1912
Double track line to new Union Station.

Canadian Northern Fort Rouge Shops
Special train to visit 1909.

Canadian Northern Pacific Patricia Bay (VI) ferry slip

NTR Transcona shops 1916

NTR bridges Northern Ontario

GTP Water Tanks

Midland station and roundhouse Toronto map 1884
Midland Ry. of Canada ex T&NRy.

GTP Transcona Shops 1910

GTR Stratford Locomotive Shops 1909

GTR Ottawa station Chateau Laurier construction 1910
Wellington Street Viaduct 1910 construction (scroll down)
Power plant Central Depot 1912 (scroll down)




Leaside Shops 1919

Longue Pointe Locomotive Terminal
CNR Montreal roundhouse and yards 1922

Moncton Locomotive Terminal 1921

Moncton main shops aerial 1936
Ex ICR built 1908 following complete destruction in
February 1906 of original I.C.R. shops.

Toronto freight sheds and team tracks 1926
Downtown next to old union station. CN Express

South Parry yard Looking south
Mile 147.1 Bala Sub. 7/1934
CNR/James A. Brown Collection




Angus shops Systematic control of locomotive repairs. 1920

Redevelopment projects detailed study of two project results.


Lethbridge Viaduct 1909 article

Colour photo (no date or credit)


Ogden Shops 1913 article (link at top of page)

Saskatoon roundhouse 1909 article

Systematic Control of Locomotive Repairs 1920


Vancouver Terminal improvements 1914
Downtown new station, office building and wharf.


Winnipeg new yard (1904) Page 1 and page 2




CPR Palais, Quebec City when new 1915 and 1916 three articles. .


Rolling stock

Non-specific railway Baker heater instructions.

CNR predecessor roads


Air-brake instruction car

Steel frame passenger cars.



Sleeping cars:

Article 1920 CNR V sleepers built for ICR. (same link as above)

Article: 1921 Sleping, Dining and baggage cars.




Interburban and Electric

Hull Electric 1896

London Street 1896 Details change over from horse to electric.

Ottawa Electric 1903


Radial Railways Index (scroll to very bottom)
Old 1895 advertisement local car builder
Patterson & Corbin

Traction Motor Improvements 1920

Incandescent Headlights for Street Railway and Locomotive Service
General Electric Review August 1916

Radial couplers for railroad cars used on street railways.
Railway Master Mechanic September 1915

Detroit River Tunnel
Article 1909 about first electric locomotive.

London & Port Stanley 1916

Montreal & Southern Counties 1915
Plus, large gallery colour photos of more recent years interurban cars.

Mount Royal Tunnel 1914 article about electrification.

Toronto Suburban (Guelph radial) Toronto Extention 1925

St.Clair Tunnel

Flashlight train photographing interior of tunnel 1899

Power plant 1909



Brantford Street Ry. Article 1896. New gallery, part of Brantford Railways old article which includes stations of GTR, CNR & TH&B.
Includes Grand Valley 50 interurban car ex New York Elevated also found under Radial Railways.

Guelph Ry. predecessor of Guelph Radial. Article 1896.

Levis County Article 1920

Montreal Island Belt Line early history 1897
Predecessor to Montreal Tramways

New article early history (1861 +) of Montreal Street Railway horse car operation and start of electric (1893) with involvement of Toronto's street railway leader Mackenzie of Mackenzie and Mann, Canadian Northern fame.

Montreal Tramways 1914 plus 1917 steeplecab electric locomotive.
Also, small gallery newer years colour photos of streetcars.

Short article about a tamper, an advancement in street track work previously done manually.

Three Rivers Traction 1916

Toronto Railway Company 1907 1910
Private owned pre-TTC operation

Rapid Transit in Toronto A 1911 proposal for a network of elevated and subway streetcar lines. Nothing built!


Construction Welland Ship Canal contractor locomotives.
Added (link at top) New Welland Canal two articles 1914 and 1916. With maps showing all railway lines crossing canal.







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