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CPR Palais Station Quebec City

Originally intended to be a Union Station with CPR and NTR.

Aerial view station, yards etc. 1925

Aerial view station and yards 1958

Aerial view of entire station, freight shed and yard 1975.

Map Quebec Terminals employee time table 4/30/1961

Palais entrance maintains historic signage.

Two views 8/29/1976

Palais station, Quebec City. Check out the automobiles! 10/11/1969 Peter A. Cox

Gateman's tower for level crossing.

This tower was at the throat of Palais station. If you kept going to the left, you ended in the freight yard and to right you went to Palais station passenger tracks. The reason it was there was a small CP freight yard (with freight shed and yard office) immediately south of Palais station. The road which the crossing tower protected was very busy with traffic to the port. The throat of the freight yard, and junctions to port spurs were right there. The conclusion at the time was that there were switch tenders downstairs, and a gate keeper upstairs. The thinking was that there was a yardmaster/station master located in the yard office at the west end of the freight yard (and right across from the south side of Palais station) who controlled all the movements out of the CP Palais station and yard. Phil Mason






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