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Guelph Radial Railway
(Formerly Guelph Railway)


Guelph Railway 2 Second of three cars built by CGE 1895.

Car 60, a rather large car for a small city. Seating 44. 25-tons. 45' 10" overall length.
One of two cars built in 1911 by nearby Preston Car & Coach.

The Guelph Radial Railway wasn't really a radial railway at all. Not to be confused with the Toronto Suburban Railway's line from West Toronto to Guelph which was sometimes referred to as Guelph Radial it was actually just a street railway.

Incorporated in Ontario 1895 by local business interests as the Guelph Railway, a street railway with a 20 year charter from the City. Construction began in April 1895 using 56 lb. rail and operations began September 17, 1895 over two lines totaling four and one half miles to the CNR and CPR stations. Authority included a line to the Ontario Agricultural College and Union cemetery in Guelph Township opened in 1902. Eventually five routes were operated.

May 1903 name changed to Guelph Radial Railway and authorized to build to Hespeler and Berlin which would have made it a true radial railway. Nothing was built. Late in 1903 purchased by the City at which time it consisted of eight miles of track and 11 cars.

May 21, 1921 turned over to HEPC (Hydro Electric Power Commission of Ontario).

September 30, 1937 last day of railway passenger operation following which buses provided service. In 1939 the Guelph Transportation Commission was created by the Province. This service has grown as has the city itself and continues to date as Guelph Transit still owned by the City of Guelph.
Freight continued until May 26, 1939.

The Canadian Engineer article

January 12, 1912 a 160 hp 23 foot 27-ton locomotive number 26 acquired
built by Baldwin and Canadian Westinghouse.

No number (or lettering). Orin P. Maus

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