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Welland (Fourth) Ship Canal Construction 1913-1932

Articles 1914 1916
Maps of railway lines over canal.

Un-identified 0-4-0T number 1, 1915 scene of work on the Fourth Welland Canal construction.
St.Catharines Historical Museum, N1336/Collection of Andrew Panko

Baldry, Yerburgh & Hutchison Ltd. (C) 4. One of 3 such engines brought over from the United Kingdom
and proof of "anything with wheels" being used! Note conversion to knuckle couplers.
Welland Ship Canal 10, ex Hutchinson 4 (UK) 0-6-0T Manning Wardle #1531 9/1901
St. Catharines Historical Museum N-1996/Collection of Andrew Panko.

BY&H 27 (Welland 22) 0-6-0T+T CLC #1249 7/1914.
One of two (#1248) unique engines bought new with both tank and tender. Note the unique cab.
Sold 1920 Asbestos & Danville 13 and 14, later 14 sold to Brompton Pulp & Paper.
St. Catharines Historical Museum/Collection of Andrew Panko.

BY&H 24 0-6-0T unknown history

St. Catharines Historical Museum/Collection of Andrew Panko.

BY&H 25 Cyl.13x16 Drv.42" 180# t.e. 18,000 45tons CLC #1240 4/1914

O'Brien, Fowler & McDougall Bros. (C) 26 (Lettered for McDougall & O'Brien.)
Welland Ship Canal 52, 2-6-0 MLW 49907 5/1911.
Sold 8/1917 Inco 22, Copper Cliff, transferred 12/1927 to Port Colborne.
Shown here in 1914 building a pier at Port Weller.
St. Catharines Historical Museum, N-1303/Collection Andrew Panko.

NOTE: Dual numbering exisited due to the large number of engines of a number of contractors
doing the work and the need to simplify dispatching.

Haney, Quinlan & Robertson (C)

The many contractors engines were widely disbursed after the enormous project.
One of HQ&R's saddle tankers went to a local industry in Port Weller, A I & M Ltd.
An identical engine went to Cooksville Brick & Tile.

Department of Railways and Canals
(Government of Canada)

1, 0-4-0T acquired new, May 1928. MLW #65944 1926 Montreal Locomotive Works


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