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Freight Train (3K)


LOCOMOTIVES   PRR #4488 Steam Engine ©2003 smph50 (6K)

Hocking River ©Joe Kocsis 2002     PASSENGER CARS

Come take a look at all of our Passenger Equipment from
the New York Central and Pennsylvania Railroads.

 Xing Wave 47K
Hear the Bell

CABEESE   "A Bunch of Cabooses"   BR&P Caboose (6K)

Representing 7 major railroads that entered Buffalo

NYC #19602 Transfer Caboose built in 1896

BR&P #283 worked in Orchard Park, NY. built in 1923.

NKP #412 Bay Window Caboose built in 1956.

DL&W #906 built in 1953 center cupola.

 LV #95050 built in 1937 center cupola.

N&W #530306 built in 1946 named "Paul McGrath"

PRR #477418 N-5 "Cabin Car" all steel, built in 1923.

MOW EQUIPMENT   C&O Plow ©smph50 1999
1889 RW&O Railroad Leslie Rotary Plow - #28
1948 NYC Flanger - #64569
1965 C&O PLOW - #914025

The society owns an additional 35 historic cars, including
baggage cars, box cars, coal hoppers, and RPO Cars.

Erie-Lackawanna Box Car and NW Caboose ©Robert Snyder (20K) Erie/Lackawanna Box Car at the Erie County Fairgrounds, in Hamburg, NY., houses Society Historical Displays that are open to the public during the fair in August.
Operation LifeSaver Train at the Erie County Fair  ©Robert Snyder (31K)
The Society works in conjunction with
Operation Lifesaver Gif 
at the Fairgrounds
Railway Express Baggage Car #2040 ©2010 - Robert Snyder (10K)
Baggage/REA Car

Baggage/REA Car, #2040 ex CR-489012, exx EL 489012, nee DL&W 2040. Built by the Pullman Standard Car Company in 1925. Please visit our Orchard Park, New York, depot for more information on this car.
Railway Express Cart ©Robert Snyder (20K)
REA Baggage Cart

A common site at every station and depot across America, this Railway Express Agency cart has been carefully restored to its original condition and colors by society members, and is now part of the scene at the Orchard Park, NY depot.

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