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WGR 2003 Construction
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WGR Construction by year

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February 2003

Planning has begun on an overhead railway for the office. After Santa delivered the hand car for Christmas. I was asked how I was going to run the hand car and the Christmas train both under the tree. I was contemplating running two loops under the tree. My wife then suggested putting in an overhead track in the office to run the hand car on during the holidays. I was sold! So I have begun looking into the possibilities. It will just be a simple loop around the office with a total length of about 45'. This will give me something to work on to give me more time to do landscaping outside in preparation for the WGR. I've started a new page to document the construction of the WGR - Overhead Division.

July 2003

The WGR - Overhead Division is now operating. The rail was laid last week and the inaugural run completed. The kids of all ages enjoyed watching it run.

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