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WGR 2007 Contruction
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January 2007


I continued the roadbed from the side door towards the curve approaching the #6 switch that leads to the planned rail yard.

February 2007


I also hung the roadbed from the #6 switch. I traced the #6 switch and cut the roadbed out from a 2x4 piece of " plywood. This way to could have one support on either end of the piece to ensure it was level end-to-end and side-to-side. In addition, this roadbed piece had room for the first few inches of the pieces of track adjacent to the switch so the joint of the roadbed will not be directly under the joints between the track pieces.

June 2007

When Aristocraft announced their price increase on their track this month I quickly ordered two more wide radius switches for the rail yard as well as the #6 switch that will be used on the mainline to branch off to the rail yard. I was able to order them before the price increase hit the stores.

November 2007

I purchased off of ebay this month two cases (48' each) of Aristocraft 1' pieces of aluminum track. It was old stock a store had that I was able to purchase for under $1.80 a foot. This will be ideal my railyard since it was a lot less expensive than using stainless steel or brass track and I dont care about conductivity issues where I park the cars.

December 2007

Next I decided to work on the roadbed from the back vent to towards the switch roadbed. So I again used a pressure treated 2x4 as the first support inside the door. I continued from the back door by suspending the track as usual.
Since Aristocraft extended their "Buy 4 get 1 free" track sale from this past summer through Feb. 2008 to help offset the track price increase, I used some Christmas money to purchase two more wide radius switches to take advantage of the sale. I now have 7 wide radiuse switches to use on the railyard. I also purchased two wide radius switch parallel adapter track pieces. I decided to purchase these after getting the aluminum track for the rail yard. This will save me from having to bend a couple of short pieces of track for the outermose two tracks in the yard.

So what did roadbed construction cost me this year? Here's what I've used and how much it cost.

Item Cost
3/4" plywood 2'x4' 11.72
threaded rod 12 @ 3.73
threaded rod 4 @ 2.97
washers(100 ct.) 14.00
#10 x 2" (50 ct.)pan head screws 4.81
#20 nuts (100 ct.) 4.97
Sub Total 92.42
Sales Tax 6.47
Total 98.89

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