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Amtrak - Tempe, AZ (TMP)


Note: Sunset Limited was rerouted thru Maricopa in 1996

Station Data:


3rd Street and Ash Avenue
, AZ 85281



33.42 N, 111.94 W


355 m / 1,165 ft


161,719 (Census 2010)


Brick, Built in 1924


Building exists (Restaurant)


Amtrak Train:

Train Name Route


[ Orlando, FL - Houston, TX - San Antonio, TX - Los Angeles, CA ]
Rerouted on May 29, 1996


[ Chicago, IL - Little Rock, AR - San Antonio, TX (Los Angeles, CA) ]
Rerouted on May 29, 1996


Urban Railroad:

Name Category

Valley Metro

Light Rail (Opened on December 27, 2008)

Sunset Limited (Los Angeles - Miami, currently Orlando) rerouted from a secondary line to a main line between Tucson and Yuma because Union Pacific Railroad (UP) abandoned the second line.  Therefore, Amtrak no longer served directly Phoenix.  Also Coolidge and Tempe stations located between Tucson and Phoenix were cut.  The last trains served Phoenix on May 28, 1996.  In the spring 2001 Maricopa station opened on the new route between Tucson and Yuma.

The last Amtrak timetable showing the Phoenix route (issued on April 14, 1996)

(Source: 1996 National Railroad Passenger Corporation)


UP = Union Pacific         BNSF = Burlington Northern Santa Fe

Visited on September 20, 2008

Photo 01 Photo 02

Southern Pacific Depot built in 1924

Station is currently used for restaurant

Photo 03 Photo 04

Station name "TEMPE" still exists

Platform Side

Photo 05 Photo 06

Platform Side

Platform Side

Photo 07 Photo 08

Tempe Station Timetable still exists

Notice for Amtrak passengers still exists

Photo 09 Photo 10

Looking South

Looking North

Photo 11 Photo 12

Light Rail Station near SP Depot

The station name is "Downtown Tempe"

Tempe Station (October 1975)

Amtrak Sunset Limited at Tempe Station (December 1984)

Tempe Station (April 1986)

Tempe Station (March 1988)

Amtrak Sunset Limited at Tempe Station (January 1992)

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