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The following is a list of the major changes to this web site, with the most recent changes shown first. Hopefully, this will make it much easier to browse our WEB site to see what's new.

Updated Events page and club member pages on upcoming club events. Made more changes to picture index pages to accommodate the new menu.
Updated the clinics page with images from July and August. Updated some of the pages in the events section.
Posted images of the 2002 Glassboro Train Show. Updated more menu items on the Events pages - and fine-tuned some of the previous changes. 
Completed the menu changes to the SJSG Layout section. That leaves all of the members and friends layout pages to do - and a few of the product and projects pages. 
The majority of the main pages are fixed, but the member's layout pages still need work. If you should find any broken links, I'd appreciate your
With much anguish over the imposition of the advertising banners, I am finally able to announce the "new and improved" SJSG WEB site. The link changes required to accommodate the new menu are rather extensive and are being implemented as time permits. Please bear with me during the changes. 
The recent changes by our host,, to implement advertising banners has created a bit of a problem for our WEB site. The use of frames on web pages is no longer allowed, and our menu system is based on frames. This has pretty much rendered the entire site inaccessible. A rewrite of the majority of the pages is now necessary. *sigh*
Added project for photographing models by Bill Lane.
Fixed broken links on the WebLink page, updated members calendar of events page, added a new Award of Recognition from the Australian Model Railway Association.
Updated the images of Joe Balcers Animated Ice House project. Updated images to the club's meeting clinics for April, May and June
Posted images of the display of our sectional layout at the Greenberg Train Show in Pennsauken, NJ
Uploaded pictures of John Bigley's three Flyer layouts taken during a SJSG visit. Posted images of the February Greenberg Show in Ft. Washington, PA
Added eight new images to Greg Berndtson's layout to document his latest progress.
Updated Ed Claypool's WEB pages to post pictures of his newly finished layout. Also updated members-only pages. Made some general improvements to links and spelling throughout.
posted images of Joe Balcers Animated Ice House, a home-grown action accessory! Also added a new Award of Recognition for our WEB site from the Rail Artist.
Uploaded images of the trip to Allentown to see the Spiral Hill RR of Frank Titman, and the S-Helper Service Open House at the SHS warehouse.
Updated Greg Berndtson's layout page with his latest changes. Fix a few broken buttons and links.
Posted pictures of Rick Wark's layout
Posted notice of the cancellation of the SJSG Toy and Train Show. Updated list of regional train shows. Updated members area to reflect changes in membership and to announce the relocation of the club main meetings. Posted upcoming club events.
Updated Greg Berndtson's layout page. Added the club's annual New Years Eve trip to Strasburg, PA. Added scenes from a trip to Jim Pauley's store to view his latest acquisitions. Updated links on club member pages.

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Filled our allotted WEB space on TrainWeb. Requested more space for our WEB site.
Uploaded the images of our club layout at the November Greenberg Toy and Train Show, 2001 
Added images from our visit to the Shriners Hospital for Children. Added images from the December SJSG meeting.
Updated Greg Berndtson's layout page.
Added Carl Tuveson's S Gauge Empire (an impressive personal layout) to the "Friends of SJSG" page. Posted images from our Fall 2001 Bellmawr Train and Toy Show.
Added the images from the September and October Meeting Clinics. Joe Kimber gave a talk on the prototype steam engines modeled by AC Gilbert, and Jim Oliver discussed his technique for motorizing trolleys.
Posted pictures taken by Hank Worrell of the 2001 NASG convention.
Updated Greg Berndtson's layout page.
Added more images to our New Layout section.
Added a new project by Carl Tuveson for fixing LTI-Flyer GP's
Uploaded the images from the showing of our club layout at the Greenberg Toy and Train Show, 2001 
Added images from the SJSG 'small' layout at St Thomas Church Train Show in Glassboro, NJ
Added the images from the July Clinic on resistive soldering
Added a new section on our new layout that is under construction. Also added an Award of Recognition just given to the SJSG WEB.
Updated the Credits page to include comments on programs I use to work on the SJSG WEB site. Gave credit to Charles Wilber for the use of his AF graphics. Added more graphics buttons to several sections of the WEB site. (There are many, many more to go!) Added another image to the Bellmawr Show page - now we have the whole set!
Added links on our WebLinks page for several S-Gauge clubs I just found out about.
I've been fiddling around with the user interface on some of the pages to make it easier to browse from the thumbnail pages. Check out the control buttons at the bottom of these pages: for our layout - and the Bellmawr Train Show. (I'll let you find the rest of 'em!)
The SJSG WEB site has received several Awards of Recognition for good design and content. Take a peek while we preen our feathers!
Uploaded images from our June Meeting clinic on building layout sections.
Updated Greg Berndtson's layout page. 
Added pictures from our trip to Steamtown 2001 Memorial Day Weekend.
Reworked the Projects section to provide a way for the SJSG WEB site to promote vendors in S gauge, and to share information among fellow modelers about their pet projects.
Added pictures from our visit to Doc Patti's Wing Foot and Western RR
Added daily cartoon from Toy Trunk Railroad to the RR News page. Added new links to the WebLink page
Added pictures from our visit to Mert Gardiner's layout and filled our allocated WEB space. Looks like it's time to beg for more.
Added the SJSG May 5 trip to Lancaster, PA to visit the Strasburg RR and museums.
Add a clinics section to the events page - and added Bob Foster's clinic on motor maintenance. Also moved the 'Members Only' button to the bottom of the main page at the suggestion of Dan.
Added more images to Greg Berndtson's layout page. Added our recent trip to Flyertown to the Events page.
Added a section for the club layout to include all new pictures.
Made some minor tweaks to the opening page because some users screens are not formatting correctly. Added a service from blogger that allows club officers to post messages on the WEB site. Updated the "Train Shows" page to include links to other regional shows.
Updated the SJSG Events page to include our 2000 trip to Steamtown and a "future events" page. Added links to the WebLink page.
Updated the "Terms & Definitions" page to include some text on turnouts (thanks to Wayne Schneyer for writing it). Updated the picture of the Pennsy X-37b boxcar project to something a little clearer. Updated the Members-Only section. Added a title to the index page, so when you bookmark our site, you can tell what the bookmark is for (duh).
I finally updated my layout page with new pictures. Stop by at the Basement Central RR 
I was informed the Java buttons won't work for someone who is behind a firewall or has Java disabled. I've included a "Text-Only" button and built a text version of the menu. It's not a perfect solution, but at least you can navigate the site. Use your browsers "back" button to return to this page rather than the "return to SJSG Home page" links.
Added Greg Berndtson layout. Added new search engines. Updated Weblinks page.
Finished updating the Belmawr Spring Train & Toy Show in the Events pages.
Moved the original SJSG WEB site to and made a few little changes in the overall "look and feel" of the site. I hope the changes are to your liking. I am eager to hear suggestions on how to improve the WEB site.

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