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Our sectional layout

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Our First Layout  1996 - Present

The idea to have a layout was first conceived in late 1993 at one of our infamous business meetings. It was decided that a sectional, rather than a modular, layout would permit the operation of both Hi-rail, Flyer and Scale equipment. Work parties were organized using the talents of club members to bring our ideas into reality. 

The SJSG 10' x 20' sectional layout had it's debut at the Greenberg Train Show in New Jersey on March 2nd of 1996. We were the first S-pike to operate at the Greenberg show.

Presently, the layout is composed of two concentric ovals of American Models code 148 nickel-silver track, interconnected with several pairs of closed-frog turnouts, a passing siding and an industrial spur. Another siding is laid using original American Flyer track with rubber roadbed to serve as a comparison. Power is provided by three Flyer workhorse transformers that can send AC or DC current to the rails with the flip of a switch. We have recently added the capability to run DCC-equiped engines.

The industrial siding has special hookups for those eye-catching Flyer accessories, such as the Oil Drum Loader, Stock Yard and Sawmill, wired up to operate with the code 148 track.

Photos of our First Layout

Our Second Layout  - is being built

Our second layout is currently under construction. We started the planning back in May of 1999 by forming a layout committee to study the pro's and con's of replacing our current layout. Since then we've had many an interesting (and sometimes lively) discussion on construction methods, a track plan, wiring, the size, and the scenery. Over a number of meetings, and with input from many members, our "final" plans took form.

Once the basic idea was defined, the committee decided to construct a scale mockup of our layout, and that visual-aid allowed us to make some minor changes to resolve a couple of issues that were overlooked. By December of 2000, we had finalized all the plans and started construction of the first 3 sections of the layout.

The new layout will be 12' x 26' and will use sixteen 3' x 4' modules. It will feature two levels, the upper will consist of a simple loop, and a 3/4 length point-to-point track with sidings. The lower level will contain two mainline loops (one with a passing siding), plus a length of display track for the accessories. The loops will be interconnected with two crossover turnouts, and the inside of the layout will have two staging tracks the length of the layout. Quite an ambitious project - putting it all together should be a lot of fun!

Photos of our Second Layout


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