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Where Are They Now?
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Switchers & Slugs GP Series
SD Series GE Series


MP Series
          Unit Renumbering & Dispositions

1136                            To PNC 1985, to CO&E Sept. 1986
1147                            To PNC 1985, to CO&E Sept. 1986, to PNC 1989, to ATR 8
1161                            To PNC 1985, to CO&E April, 1987
1268                            To CRL 52, to THBE 100, to PT 1268
1278                            To WC 1278

COE 1136 - the former MP 1136 (believed to have been origianlly assigned to Kansas City, MO) at Herrin, IL. The former MP SW-1200 is now on the Crab Orchard & Egyptian Railroad in Marion, IL.#1136 and #1147 were delivered to the CO&E September, 1986 still in full MP paint. "I spent a considerable amount of time removing 7 coats of MP Jenks blue from the 1136 while employed by the CO&E before it was sent back to PNC for repainting." Edward reports. - Edward Bridges photo (Unofficial Historian of the CO&E Yahoo! Groups : CrabOrchardandEgyptianRailroad)

COE 1161 - the former MP 1161 (believed to have been origianlly assigned to Houston, TX) at Marion, IL. #1161 was delivered in full CO&E colors April, 1987. - photo: Edward Bridges (Unofficial Historian of the CO&E Yahoo! Groups : CrabOrchardandEgyptianRailroad )

PT 1268 - the former MP 1268, was built 2/65 and retired by MoPac and sold to Chrome in 6/85. The photographer, John Cockle, works for a small switching carrier in Richmond, CA called Parr Terminal Railroad. The company now owns an ex-MP SW1200 #1268, shown here in her current dress. 6/6/01 - John L. Cockle photo

MP Series
          Unit Renumbering & Dispositions

1518                     UP 1318 Retired
1519                     UP 1319 Retired
1520                     UP 1320 Retired
1521                     Retired

Featuring the Photography of:
Edward Bridges, DW Read, Steve Rude, Jay Glenewinkel, John L. Cockle, Frank Ferguson, Steve Schuman

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