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Canadian Pacific Railway

Canadian National Railway

Southern Railway of British Columbia

New Westminister, BC
a.k.a New West

Area to the right continues below.

New West - Surrey

Map annotations courtesy of Andy Cassidy

New Westminster Yard Mile 9.0 Westminster Sub.



The yard is shared by SRY, CP, and CN.

The SRY and CP are in the CP Westminster Sub there. The CN tracks are on their Lulu Island Industrial Line. The SRY access the Annacis/Queensboro Branch via the CN line at Mile 1.5 (Bottom of map). The CP Marpole Spur (old V&LI),
is West of the Westminster Sub that ends at Mile 9.5. The Marpole Spur head butts with the Westminster Sub at it’s
mile 16, as noted on the map.

The SRY Fraser Valley Sub starts a bit further East of the yard near Begbie St.

The Dock Yard is still there and is normally quite busy. Just lucky on that day it was vacant-ish. Of course the assigned yard job down on the Marpole Spur at O-Yard is now long gone. The less than handful of customers still on the line are serviced
by local CP Road Switcher assignments once or twice a week. So too the SW1200’s are off the roster.

The tracks have seen many changes over the years. I don’t have a map of the layout from back in the 60’s or so.
Since Expo 86 the whole New Westminster waterfront has gone through major changes. All of the industries along the waterfront there are gone with condos and such occupying the space. Andy Cassidy 2017

1239 with a few cars on track E11 in an unusally empty yard.
Green box car is on CN tracks.

1239 sitting in yard and SRY 151_910 passing by.



SRY Trapp Yard is just a mile west of here.

CPR O-Yard Marpole


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