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Drake Street roundhouse. its last days.

All photos; Jim Booth unless otherwise credited. Captions: Andy Cassidy

Aerial view of entire area. 1953



Pits 1 and 2 used by Smith Transport. Looking south.

Looking pretty forlorn but still in daily use.

Newer addition and original roundhouse would both survive to serve another purpose.

North end.

Closeup of compressed air powered engine that turned the table.

8665 GP9 getting some serious truck work done.








Former loop used to turn passenger trains crossed over shop tracks.

Drake Street roundhouse closed in 1981.

Drake Street roundhouse closed in 1981 and a small portion restored for Expo 86.

A small portion of the original structure was preserved and later a modern addition at the right houses #374 inside.

SA class 374 was on train No.1 May 23,1887. The first train into Vancouver. Shown here at the restored Drake Street
roundhouse in downtown Vancouver during 122nd. anniversary festivities held May 17, 2009. Balto/

All other Drake Street shops and facilities 1981



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