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Industrial Locomotives

British Columbia

ALCAN 1003 SW900 GMD A1090 3/1957 Kitimat 5/1980 Peter Cox

AGT 2605 a new unit enroute to a new operator. Alliance Grain Terminal Ltd. in Vancouver.
Port Coquitlam, BC. November 13, 2009 Mark Forseille
This brand new unit is a modern gen set model 1GS-7B 700 hp locomotive built by NRE.

Note: AGT was created to take ownership in 1997 of the 102,000 tonne capacity export grain terminal from
Agricore United. Previously, United Grain Growers. (scroll down) .

Canexus Chemicals Originally Hooker Chemicals

Columbia Cellulose Co. Ltd.

Watson Island, Prince Rupert. Pulp mill. Closed June 2001

CC 852 (re# 1134) acq. 6.1968 (ex CNR 852) G8 875 HP GMD A613 6/1954 June 14, 1968
Retired 7/1980 Sold 5/1981 SGPX 85 Later: Cargill 1134 Evansville, IN. 7/17/1985


Delta Alaska Terminal 1 660 HP DS4-4-660 BLW #73042 11/1946 Surrey, BC August 1969 David M. More

A lot of history here. This was the first Baldwin diesel in Canada, it was built for the Morrissey, Fernie & Michel Ry.
(Crows Nest Pass Coal Co., Michel, BC) as their number 1. When this very old (1903) shortline closed down (aban. 2/1958) it was finally sold 7/1964 to Johnston Terminals, New Westminster, BC. and later went to Delta Alaska Terminal (owned 1/3 each by GN, NP and MILW) where it switched the American Rail Express Co.'s S.S. Alaska a rail car ferry which operated a weekly service toWhittier, Alaska where it connected with the Alaska RR, leaving BC on Thursdays. It ceased service 3/1978. It went on to a number of different locations and owners, industrial, shortline and preservation. It is currently at the Portola Railroad Museum in California.

This was the only 660 HP Baldwin diesel in Canada. The only other new Baldwin's were the CPR's small fleet of 1000 HP units, both yard and road switchers.

Dominion Bridge V489A GE 45-ton 300 hp Cummins GE#15287 6/1942
Acq.1/1959 ex Alcan 1001, Kitimat, BC nee Alcan 72-336 Arvida, Que.
Note: 5/1976 transferred to Dominion Bridge, Mount Dennis (Toronto).
Burnaby, BC 6/1973 Douglas Sanford

OMLX 1750 Trans Canada Switching Services contractor at Delta Port Container Terminal, Roberts Bank, Port Coquitlam.
SD9E (ex GWR 912, SP 3935) EMD #21286 2/1956

Three photographs. July 23, 2003 Mark Forseille

OMLX 1751 (acq. 1999) SD9 1750hp (nee DM&IR 138) EMD #23918 2/1958
OMLX 1752 (acq. 1993) SD9 1750hp (nee DM&IR 156) EMD #23936 4/1958


JLCX 1256 repainted by J & L Consulting (D) acquired 2012 from European Pulp & Paper 1256 (nee CN 1256)
following closure of Kitimat mill in 2009. SW1200RS GMD A1028 12/1956
Enroute Pend Oreille Valley RR, Washington.

Note: Unit had been repaired and painted at SRY shop in New Westminster.

Eurocan Pulp & Paper Co. Ltd. 943 acq. 2/1977 (ex BCH 943) 70-ton GE 30386 5/1950 Scrapped c.10/1983
Kitimat 3/1980 Peter Cox

Note: Two more 70-tonners BCH 941 and CN 43 were acquired 1/1980 and 9/1983.

Fraser Surrey Docks 0903 (acq. 1995 ex Esso Resources 903, Beamer AB. nee TRRA 590)
rebuilt with 1020 HP Cummins. S-2 Alco #76787 6/1949

Fraser Surrey Docks 8014 (acq. 2/1992 ex CPR 8014) RS-23 1000HP MLW #82566 8/1959
Nov. 2000 Chris Blaschuk

Hooker Chemicals


IDC Distribution Services Ltd. 001 acq. 12/2004 (ex RPRX 001, nee CP 8134 SW1200RS)
Railpower GK10B 1000 hp "Green Kid" Hybrid battery unit.
Intermodal terminal contractor at Fraser Surrey Docks, Surrey, BC Mark Forseille

Same unit relettered for parent company Fraser Surrey Docks LP (Limited Partnership)
October 27, 2009 Mark Forseille

Kinder Morgan Canada Terminals Ltd.

North Vancouver

FWDX 0002 TP70 100 ton 475 HP Tractive Power built by Curry Rail Services, Holidaysburg, PA 12/2015
Moving DIT (Dead In Transit) to Kinder Morgan North Vancouver. Altoona 12/31/2015

Note: unit in front is ex GO 536 moving as RNCX 18536 ex RB Group 18536 nee GO 536.

FWDX = Tractive Power Corp.

KMTX 820 (ex VW 820 820 nee SSW 2582) SW1500 1500 hp EMD #35760 1/1970
Sold 2012 Western Rail (enroute).


Louis Dreyfus 2015 Mighty Peace transferred 9/01 from LD at Tacoma WA. GP7u ex ATSF 2244:2
(r/b GP7B ATSF 2789A) EMD #17021 1952

Neptune Bulk Terminals

Pacific Elevators

Unusual 0-4-0 hydraulic diesel. 5/17/1986 See also Gallery linked above

Parrish & Heimbecker

Cloverdale Inland Terminal in Surrey, BC.

Transload facility unloading rail cars into ocean containers for export.

Unit can handle 8 loads up 3% grade at terminal.

Parrish & Heimbecker 5601 (acq. 1/2014) Tractive Power TP56 80-ton 375 HP built 11/2013.
Lease/purchase 3/2014, purchased 12/2014.

Note: First unit built by Tractive Power Corp.


Pioneer Grain 1 Plymouth MDT #7292 11/1979 North Van. Feb.14, 1984 Gordon J. Strathdee

One of a pair of identical diesel hydraulic (torque converter) units.
Such underpowered "dinky" engines are rare now due to heavy tonnage commonly handled in most industrail switching.

Prince Rupert Grain 92 acq.1992 ex Great Lakes Steel 45 SW9 EMD #26156 9/1960
Note: GMD Flexicoil trucks off CN 1249

Un-numbered unit acq. 5/1981 (ex SP 1219) S-6 900 HP Alco 81433 12/1995

United Grain Growers 001 acq. 3/78 (ex J.R.Simplot 2992, ex Andrew Merrilees 353, ex EL 353, nee DL&W 431)
SW1 600 hp EMD #1052 4/1940 Vancouver June 26, 1978 Paul J. Crozier Smith

Two photos of UGG 6503 switching elevator. 12/24/1986


United Grain Growers 6503 acq. 11/1983 (ex CP 6503) S3 660 hp MLW #77638 5/1951
Vancouver February 1989 Mark Forseille

Preserved at WCRA's Heritage Park in Squamish. Credit: Dave Stewart-Candy August 10, 2015

United Grain Growers 3 shown 17 years later and looking worse for wear!
Vancouver July 30, 2003 Doug Cook

United Grain Growers 3 acq. 12/1989 ex HB&T 35 SW1200 EMD #31685 4/1966
Vancouver 11/14/1986

VIEW #nil 300 hp GE 50-ton 15288 6/1942 Summer 1967 R.R.Horne

One of two units (72-336, 72-337) acquired new by ALCAN at Arvida, Que.
Transferred 1955 to Arvida, Kitimat, BC Renumbered 1001, 1002.
1001 resold 1/1959 Dominion Bridge, Burnaby, BC closed 1976 and transferred to Mount Dennis (Toronto).
1002 resold 1/1959 Nelson Machinery Co. (D) who leased it to Vancouver Iron & Engineering Works in 1964.
Resold 3/1972 Neptune Terminals Ltd. 66. Resold 1977 Burrard Yarrows, shipbuilding, North Vancouver.

Viterra, Inc. 2010. (Formerly, Pacific Elevators) Vancouver.
This brand new unit is a modern gen set model 1GS-7B 700 hp locomotive built 2008 by NRE.
Enroute at Port Coquitlam November 23, 2008. Mark Forseille

Vancouver Harbour Commissioners Terminal Railway

Vancouver Wharves Ltd.


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